Hans-Joachim Stuck Is Reunited With His Restored Porsche 962 C

Porsche 962 C
Porsche 962 C restored

It’s taken almost 35 years but this Porsche 962 C from the Heritage and Museum department has finally been fully restored and unveiled to the public…

In a joint venture undertaken by Armin Burger and Traugott Brecht from Historic Motorsport, the now fully refurbished 962 C has been returned to its original 1987 condition and left German racing driver, Hans-Joachim Stuck almost breathless.

Eyes wide as the silk covers were carefully removed at the Weissach Development Centre, 70-year-old Stuck has waited almost 35 years to be reunited with the iconic 962 C and said “It feels like coming home“.

Hans-Joachim Stuck - 962 C
Hans-Joachim Stuck and his 962 C

It was back in 1986 and 1987 when racing legend, Hans-Joachim Stuck was victorious in the prestigious and fiercely contested ADAC Würth Supercup, taking the drivers championship in consecutive years for Joest then Porsche.

During the inaugural series for Group C sportscar prototypes, he tested the then-new Porsche dual-clutch transmission (PDK) at racing speed. The vehicle’s appearance then changed before its second outing, the Norisring 200 miles, when Shell came on board as a sponsor. This particular 962 C then began its second life as a test car in the aerodynamics department at Weissach, later serving as a reference vehicle for the sports car manufacturer’s corporate collection.

Porsche 962 C

Achim Stejskal, Head of Porsche Heritage and Museum:
By arranging this reunion after more than three decades, we have not only surprised Hans-Joachim Stuck, we have also taken a little journey through time. The history of the motorsport story surrounding the 962 C is unique

Porsche 962 C

Like a kid in a racing candy shop, Stuck then discovers his red racing suit from the 80s just a few metres away and is delighted to find, with some maneuverability, he still fits ‘snuggly’ into it.

Race engineer of the time, Norbert Singer, who first introduced an aluminium monocoque with the 956 Group C car and its direct descendent the 962, was on hand to help with any detailed explanations behind the rebuild and witnessed Stuck beginning his first lap on the two-and-a-half-kilometer test track in Weissach amid some excited spectators as they watch the Group C racer.

Porsche 962 C

Livery designer Rob Powell:
Stucki immediately liked the design of my first sketch and gave me an affirmative nod over the roof of the car… I still think the colour combination of yellow and red looks modern. I’m a big fan of the Porsche PDK dual-clutch transmission and proud that I was allowed to test it in the 962 back then. Being able to keep my hands on the steering wheel when changing gears at full throttle felt great right from the start

Hans-Joachim Stuck

The glorious Porsche 962 C made its public debut at the Porsche Museum’s digital Sound Night and is scheduled to make more appearances in 2022 with driving and presentation events planned for the upcoming ’40 years of Group C’ anniversary.

Stuck concludes:
The 962 C was one of the few cars I was allowed to drive on my own, without teammates, and with exactly the setup I wanted. You never forget a car like that – In 2022, we’ll celebrate the 40th in style!

Images courtesy Porsche

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