Holy Horsepower Batman – The Batmobile Is Being Sold!

Legendary Batmobile Being Offered By Hemmings

If superheroes are your bag, then look no further than this nostalgic 1966 Batmobile, offered by Hemmings.

Originally the cars were designed specifically for Batman, which was the TV hit series delivered by ABC and produced by a certain William Dozier.

The gothic styled 500hp super-charged Lincoln Continental was packed with more bells and whistles than the early iPhone.

Front end design incorporated a ‘bat like’ face with the bonnet sloping downwards, thus making the nose an eye-catching feature of this now legendary car. Hydraulically operated steel chain and cable cutters were accompanied by hidden headlights for conventional driving. Rockets were mounted within the grille structure but carefully shrouded for aesthetic reasons.

Bat Fins

Prominently positioned to the rear of this extraordinary vehicle, the customary and unforgettable 84″ bat fins were added, apparently to offer protection for the dynamic duo. The vision through the the twin plexi-glass bubble aircraft windscreens does create a difficult glare whilst driving, unless you wear the obligatory bat goggles.

Internal Equipment

Additional internal equipment includes bat ray protector, anti theft activator, bat ram and yes the all important bat scope. The steering wheel is centrally integrated with the speedometer, whilst indicators, gauges and dials are of aircraft composition.

This rare vehicle offered by Hemmings is of course one of a few built, nonetheless could be a star attraction for any future guardian or protector.

Images are courtesy of Hemmings and full details can be found here.

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