Honda Virtual Museum Opens Its Doors To Amazing Classics

Honda Virtual Museum
Honda Virtual Museum

Self-isolating could be less painful as the Honda virtual museum opens its virtual doors in the Japanese Twin Ring Motegi circuit showcasing a wonderful 360º tour of the largest collection of classics developed by the Japanese marque.

Opened in 1998 to commemorate Honda’s 50th anniversary, more than 350 models are on display including a collection of classic cars, motorcycles automotive history and competition-based vehicles.

The initiative could be useful to those wishing to keep the mind busy without leaving a safe space at home.

Honda Virtual Museum

The virtual tour of the museum is a ‘personal’ tour which you control at your pace and rekindles the spirit of the company’s 70-year history through its most iconic products. Without leaving the sofa, the viewer can visit the three floors of the museum and see a vast sample of the vehicles that marked Honda’s automotive milestones.

Honda Virtual Museum - Lobby

The visit begins on the first floor with the amazing 1924 Curtiss Special which was powered by an aircraft engine and was built by 18 years old founder Soichiro Honda when working as an assistant to Ikuzo and Shinichi Sakakibara at Art Shokai. There is also a Honda RA272 which was a Formula One racing car designed by Yoshio Nakamura and Shoichi Sano and boasts being the first Japanese car to win in Formula One.

1924 Cutiss Special

Second Floor

The second floor of the museum takes the viewer to the next historic level where the 1963 S500 model stands out, the first car manufactured by Honda, which broke all barriers in Japan by incorporating the colour red. Other nostalgic classics include the S800, S600, Vamos and L700 produced for only eleven months.

As for motorcycles, no detail is missing either, and we will find such legendary models as the NR500 with oval pistons, the Africa Twin, the CB750 Four and other eclectic two-wheeled legends.

Third Floor

The third floor is dedicated to the sports side of Honda where you can see the cars and motorcycles with which Honda has competed and competes. In this section, there are some spectacular vehicles being showcased such as one of the McLaren-Honda piloted by the Brazilian pilot Ayrton Senna, or the legendary RC166 world champion with Mike Hailwood and the NSR500 world champion with Mick Doohan.

Honda Racing

The Honda virtual museum tour can be visited via the links below:

Floor one and lobby can be accessed here.
Floor two can be accessed here.
Floor three can be accessed here.

Remember to make use of the tools at the bottom of the screen when you visit, such as the floorplan and other useful additions.

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