Hyundai’s One Trick Pony Is Now A Resto Modded Cool Stallion

Hyundai Pony EV

Remember the first-generation Hyundai Pony? Well, those crafty South Korean engineers decided to strip one down and create an EV resto modded version and it’s pretty cool…

Hyundai Motor Company has revealed its completed swanky Heritage Series Pony, a retro-modern reconstruction of the original mass-produced boring Pony model that once heralded the dawn of Korea’s automotive industry more than 45 years ago.

The seminal 1970s hatchback penned by the legendary automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro became the nation’s first mass-produced and exported vehicle and was presented at the Turin Motor Show in October 1974, albeit with a more sedate look about itself.

Hyundai Pony EV

Yes, that mundane classic you wouldn’t take a second glimpse at has become something rather nifty and even boasts what looks like the same pixelated head and taillights from the new Ioniq 5 and 45 concept car.

The modern exterior has a matte shimmering silver finish and includes camera-based, fender-mounted exterior mirrors to the fore of the windshield. Alloys are both simplistic and effective complementing the retro feel of the 70s throwback.

Hyundai Pony EV

High tech styling doesn’t stop there either… there’s a string of chic and modern accoutrements, including doors made of premium materials that exude a classic feel, a modern lighting system, a speed-gauging instrument panel made of lighted vacuum tubes as well as other stylishly retrofitted design elements.

It also contains future-oriented elements, not only retro style. The digital touch transmission, cradle space for mobile phone and voice-activated steering wheel conveys a modern sensibility that will catch people by surprise.

Hyundai Pony EV

The super-cool Pony is being showcased at the recently opened Hyundai Motorstudio Busan in South Korea as part of its ‘Reflections in Motion’ exhibition, from April 8 through June 27, the Heritage Series Pony combines distinctive legacy design features with modern touches to offer a glimpse of the future.

This is a good looking thing and obviously, you can’t have one which is bizarre.

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