Incredible Tucker 48 Heads To Scottsdale Auction In January

Tucker 48
Tucker 48

One of the most revolutionary post-war American cars ever built, a Tucker 48 will head to the annual Scottsdale Auctions on January 17 and 18, 2020.

Highly original and way ahead of its time, this 1948 Tucker 48, number 1034, was billed as the ‘Car of Tomorrow’ and boasted an incredible 5.5-litre flat-six helicopter engine.

David Gooding, President and Founder of Gooding & Company said:
“Preston Tucker’s foray into the automotive industry represents the most courageous attempt to disrupt the status quo of the Big Three, and this Tucker 48 is one of the finest examples that remain in existence. The company’s contemporary construction and advanced features are widely acknowledged as an important part of automobile history.”

Tucker 48
Tucker 48 Radio

Shortly after World War II, it was entrepreneur Preston Tucker who was keen to give the customer exactly what they desired, offering outlandish features such as a low, aerodynamic profile, rear-mounted engine, large interior with doors extending into the roof for easier entry and exit, and most notably, the unique ‘cyclops’ headlight which pointed in the direction the car was steered in.

Unveiled to the public in Chicago 1947, it’s forward-thinking design included shatterproof windshield panels, front crash compartment below a padded dash, locking parking brake handle to prevent theft and six glorious exhaust outlets for ease of mechanical internal diagnosis.

Tucker dealers even provided ‘donor’ engines if automotive power plant issues developed, with removal and installation carried out swiftly for any customers wishing to use their vehicle whilst the original engine was being worked on by the skilled technicians.

This particular 1948 Tucker 48 (Estimate: $1,750,000 – $2,250,000) was assembled by the Tucker factory and not completed after production halted. Of the 51 examples built, 1034 is one of only 12 finished in the attractive Waltz Blue Metallic. Tucker code #200 ‘Waltz’ Blue is the only one of the six paint colours offered by the factory to be given a name, which is believed by automobile historians to be the colour of Mrs Tucker’s favourite dress.

Tucker 48
Tucker 48

This Tucker 48 has been driven just 6,200 miles since new and comes with a well-documented provenance that includes the esteemed Cofer Collection. It is among the finest surviving Tuckers, retains its original interior upholstery, and has never required a comprehensive restoration.

More information on this vehicle and the auction can be found here.

Upcoming auctions can be found via this link.

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