Italian Job Cars Reunite For London Classic Car Show

London Classic Car Show - Italian Job
London Classic Car Show - Italian Job

The 50th anniversary of the iconic movie The Italian Job is to be celebrated at the London Classic Car Show 14-17 February 2019 at ExCeL London.

Join the ‘self preservation society’ as the cars from the blockbusting Italian Job reunite for a one-off event in the capital.

Hazel Collinson

Actress Hazel Collinson, who appeared in The Italian Job and is the widow of its director Peter Collinson, will also be at the event as a guest of honour alongside the surviving classics from the movie.

The now famous 1969 British heist movie gave stars Michael Caine, Noel Coward, Raf Vallone and Benny Hill a platform for instant success to build on.

Famed for its incredible car chase scenes through the busy streets of Turin in Italy, watched by real onlookers, The London Classic Car Show and Octane Magazine have curated this special celebratory feature, bringing together three original cars alongside replicas to mark the film’s half century.

The Mini chase – Italian Job

The highlight of the surviving models will be the film’s pair of Jaguar E-Types – the dark blue Fixed Head Coupe (619 DXX) and red 3.8L Roadster (848 CRY). The Coupe was in the owner’s possession for almost 20 years before a friend spotted that it could be the car featured in the film. Further investigation proved positive and it has now been painstakingly restored by Tester Engineering to its original factory specification.

Hazel Collinson with Michael Caine and the Aston Martin DB4 Convertible
Hazel Collinson with Michael Caine and the Aston Martin DB4 Convertible (163 ELT)

Rounding out the three originals from the film is the Aston Martin DB4 Convertible (163 ELT) that was supposedly tipped over a cliff by a bulldozer. Despite its apparent demise, this 1961 convertible was switched for a Lancia Flaminia during filming, allowing the DB4 to survive the cliff scene.

Unfortunately, the iconic red, white and blue Minis made so famous by the production no longer exist, but identical replicas will feature in the classic extravaganza.

Italian Job
Replicas of the Italian Job Minis will be on show

Appearing in the film cast as “blonde scrubber”, Mrs Collinson said:
“Little did Peter and I think when the film was first made that it would become the cult that it has. My husband was a great director and this is a film that really got under his skin. He had specific ideas about how the film should be shot. He makes an appearance as the person directing cars at the back of the motor coach because even the stunt men felt it was too dangerous a task. I am delighted to be visiting the show and it is always a pleasure to meet Italian Job fans and share with them some of the amazing stories about the film and what happened on set.”

Italian Job
Replicas of the Italian Job Minis will be on show

Lamborghini Miura

Alongside the original cars presented at the show there will be a Lamborghini Miura identical to that appearing in the film, along with a reproduction of the OM Furgonato Sicurezza ‘Bullion’ Van. Convincingly converted by the film’s production crew into a security van, the attempt to blow its doors off led to the film’s famous line delivered by Caine, but also the destruction of the original.

Harrington Legionnaire Coach

It is also hoped that the restoration of a Harrington Legionnaire coach will be finished in time for the event. The original was converted especially for the film but after its starring appearance it went back to being used as a coach and was scrapped in the 1990s after service in Scotland.

Italian Job – Streets of Turin

Advance Tickets

Advance ticket prices for the London Classic Car Show start from £25 per adult, £20 per child (6-15) and £75 per family (two adults, two children) and can be obtained via this link.

Entry for children under the age of six years is free. VIP package upgrades are also available, starting at £55 per adult, which include fast track entry, hospitality, show guide and Grandstand access for one Grand Avenue show.

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