Jaguar Classic Reveal First E-Type 60 Collection Cars

E-type 60 Collection

Back in August, Jaguar Classic announced they would be creating six matched pairs of the car that Enzo Ferrari called “the most beautiful car ever made”…

Two lockdowns and 7 months later, the company has unveiled its first E-type 60 Collection cars along with specification details relating to the beefed-up 3.8-litre E-types built to celebrate 60 years of the classic everyone waxes lyrical about.

For those less familiar with the E-Type background, the car made its world debut in Geneva, Switzerland on 15 March 1961 and it’s easy to see why the public and just about everyone else fell in love with it’s powerful silhouette.

Jaguar Classic - E-type 60 Collection

The E-type 60 Collection will pay tribute to two of the oldest and most famous Jaguar E-types of all: ‘9600 HP’ and ‘77 RW’. Both of which played pivotal roles in the unveiling of the car at its world debut in Geneva, Switzerland in March 1961.

Jaguar Classic - E-type 60 Collection

Johnny Dowell, artist and designer ‘King Nerd’, said:
“This was a fantastic opportunity to design and engrave the stories of two epic drives by two Jaguar legends in these iconic and special cars. A permanent reminder of the anniversary, everywhere these E-types go, the memory of Bob Berry and Norman Dewis will travel with them.”

What do you get?

Firstly, the cars are sold as a pair and will cost you… a lot is all we know, but you can bet it’s more than the average semi you might be living in.

Enough of the negativity! The classic E-Types will be finished in exclusive Flat Out Grey and Drop Everything Green paint colours respectively – Jaguar say these colour combinations won’t be used on any other Jaguar, so exclusivity is assured.

E-type 60 Collection

Thankfully, the E-type 60 Collection cars will be crunch-free with a specially-developed five-speed manual gearbox which features synchromesh on all ratios, helical cut gears and a reinforced cast aluminium casing for enhanced reliability and greater durability as well as closer gear ratios and smoother changes.

Jaguar Classic - E-type 60 Collection

Is it fast?

Remember this is still an E-Type we’re talking about here with a 265bhp 3.8-litre six-cylinder bullet-proof XK engine, so it’s quick-ish with a respectable 0-60 of around 7 seconds. In case you’re interested, it’s also got an authentic 1961-style alloy radiator, with electric cooling fan and electronic ignition for better everyday usability, as well as a super shiny stainless steel exhaust system which produces a more thrust-worthy tone…

E-type 60 Collection


The interior is a breath of fresh air too with a unique stainless steel centre console engraved and created by prominent artist, Johnny ‘King Nerd’ Dowell. A tasteful Jaguar Classic Infotainment System, satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity are also integrated so you won’t get lost listening to a radio that’s got no signal.

Jaguar Classic - E-type 60 Collection

In addition to the snazzy centre console, the bonnet badge, clock face within the tachometer, fuel cap and chassis plate are all finished with a commemorative E-type 60 logo created by Jaguar Design, featuring the years ‘1961-2021’.

Finally, and this will impress the neighbours, a light beech-rimmed steering wheel, as fitted to 1961 cars, features a 24-carat gold horn push.

The six lucky affluent customers will all take part in an E-type pilgrimage from Coventry to Geneva.

We love them, but then again it could be an age thing…

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