Jaguar E-Type Refurbishment – 100% And Nothing Less

E-Type Refurbishment

Progress is slow but efficient as the Jaguar E-Type Series 3 moves into the second stage of the overdue refurbishment.

You may remember my post about my Jaguar refurbishment a week earlier. Well, the time has gone on and I have been busy with XGR 440L. Bonnet removed I began the stop down removing everything down to the bare engine.

I’ve decided to to go further than this for a few reasons, firstly the engine appears to run very well, secondly is the cost which is limited, thirdly is time which is perhaps even more limited, and finally, I decided that if I was going through all that effort, cost and time to restore her I want her to be concours.

Jaguar E-Type Refurbishment
Jaguar E-Type Refurbishment

Refurbishment – 100% and nothing less

100% and nothing less, and I do not have the funds to do this. I would not be happy spending £20,000 for a half attempt restoration so instead, I’m going for the oily rag approach. That doesn’t mean XGR 440L isn’t going to be looking and be spectacular when she’s finished of course.

Ancillaries removed I then spent a few hours cleaning the engine, and wow has it come up nicely. Multiple parts painted (some by me some by a professional) and a nice big box of pets from SNG Barrett’s.

One of the parts I have been tentatively awaiting was the oil pressure switch. As long as I can remember the E Types oil pressure has been perfect on the gauge but the switch controlled light remains on. I’ve always felt that it must be a faulty switch because if anything was amiss the engine would have had issues by now (I know I know a very bad attitude but I’ve always kept one eye on the gauge regardless!). New parts fitted, stale file drained and replaced with fresh, and the engine started. Perfect oil pressure and no oil light, phew!

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Jaguar E-Type
Progress is ongoing

The new issue we now have is a leaking PAS Pump.. added to the list. But some good news, the original radiator which pretty much disintegrated on its way out was able to be completely refurbished which is excellent news. So with the engine running now the next step will be an oil change, fit the coolant system, and tune the carburettors.

For motivation this week at work we had a visitor in the form of a Jaguar E-Type Commemorative, a stunning example too, it really got me in the mood to get cracking with XGR 440L. And it wouldn’t be a Fryer vehicle if I hadn’t bought at least something from Beaulieu Autojumble for her, even if it was just some breather hose.