James Bond Goes Electric In £250,000 Rapide E

James Bond - Rapid E
James Bond - Rapid E

Staunch environmentalist Joji Fukunaga has annoyed some nostalgic James Bond fans by giving 007 an all-electric £250,000 Rapide E to thrash around in his next movie, ironically called ‘Shatterhand’.

It seems the roaring sounds of the iconic DB5 have been replaced by the silence of the zero-emissioned and more generic Aston Martin, simply because the new director is a ‘tree-hugger’.

The Rapid E is a near silent 600 horse-powered firecracker, but Aston Martin will only build around 155 of the Bond replacement.

Aston Martin has already joined the classic EV movement with a gorgeous 1970 DB6 MkII Volante, which some say could have been a more realistic and modern approach to the latest movie.

Heritage EV Concept
Heritage EV Concept

Aston Martin Lagonda pioneered a bold new plan: to future-proof these increasingly precious machines by creating the world’s first reversible EV powertrain conversion.

Using knowledge acquired by Aston Martin during the final phase development of the Rapide E and future planning of the all-new range of Lagondas, the Aston Martin Works’ Heritage EV conversion employs state-of-the-art thinking and technology. Production versions of the revolutionary EV cassette will include key components from the Rapide E programme.

The question remains, will sound of a DOHC straight six be added post production?

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