James & Browne Car Shown At NEC Restoration Show 2019

James & Browne Car
The 1904 James & Browne 9hp Twin Cylinder - ©Bonhams

One of only two James and Browne cars will make its way to the Practical Classics Classic Car Restoration Show at the Birmingham NEC 22-24 March 2019.

Based in Hammersmith, London between 1898 and 1910, James and Browne were a relatively unknown company located at the Chiswick end of King’s Street in West end of London.

This particular survivor was acquired by the students of city and guilds college in 1932 from a travelling fair, and has been thier mascot ever since.

The British automobile manufacturer produced unusal cars that integrated the flywheel beetween the engine cylinders, meshing with a gearbox. 2 Cylinders were horizontally placed and provided (9 RAC HP) of 2.5L developing approx 15 modern hp.

1904 James & Browne Car
The 1904 James & Browne 9hp Twin Cylinder – ©Bonhams

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Ignition is via trembler coils. Drive comes from the 2 gearboxes (one each side of the crank) via chain direct to the rear wheels. Brakes are on the rear only and are external contracting bands.

This is 1902 model is one of two James and Brownes known to remain – the other being a 1904 model which went to Europe in circa 2006.

There will be photos on the stand that shows Mr Browne himself at the wheel, the photo is believed to be circa 1905 and the car has also featured on the cover of Punch magazine.

The car is maintained year by year by students of Imperial college and the car is their official mascot, it competes every year in the London to Brighton run with a large team following the car everywhere it goes and nineof them will be accompanying it to the NEC.

It will be the focal point of of the British Motor Vehicle stand 5-060 celebrating the best in British engineering and will be surrounded by period memorabilia and flag bunting.

Tickets for the NEC Restoration Show can be obtained here.

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