Jaw Dropping Fast Ford RS1600i Could Be Yours For £97,500.00

Ford RS1600i
Ford RS1600i - £97,500.00

As prices rocket quicker than the average car thief, fast Fords are rapidly giving potential investors the proverbial kick in the nuts. However this could be an opportunity to gain legal possession of that 80’s classic – the Ford RS 1600i.

That said, the staggering price of £97,500.00 could act as more of a deterrent than a Rottweiler sitting on the back seat with the doors wide open, so hang fire and read the riot act below.

The car was actually based on the XR3 with sporty panels adorned, and even fuel injected to stretch it’s legs slightly quicker, the Ford RS1600i was built to match Group A homologation criteria.

Ford RS1600i
Ford RS1600i – Front

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List of jaw-dropping worthiness:

Supplied brand new by Henlys Ford of Newcastle on 31/08/1983, just tinted glass and electric aerial were requested as factory fitted options. The car remained in first ownership until 1997 without ever seeing an MOT bay.

Recorded mileage is a frugal 1,264 miles, which was on it’s very first mot in April 1997.

  • April 1997 with 1,264 miles
  • April 1999 with 1,594 miles
  • August 2002 with 1,888 miles
  • October 2003 with 1,901 miles
  • September 2005 with 1,912 miles
  • June 2008 with 1,913 miles
  • May 2013 with 1,914 miles
  • June 2014 with 1,916 miles
  • May 2017 with 1,917 miles
  • May 2018 with 1,918 miles

SORN documentation is apparently contained in the history file for the years in between the above dates.

Current mileage and condition does award the car with credibility and X-Factor, but will it ever see the fast lane again?

The obvious answer is never, making it yet another example of greatness locked away for nothing other than personal vanity and self gratification.

If you feel the need to give this car a new lease of life, then look here now.

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