Jenson Button Drives Radford Coachbuilding Revival


From the matching stage frocks of the Supremes to the caveman sounds of the Beatles, Radford was the common denominator that was more often than not linked with everything and everyone in the 60s limelight…

It seems the luxury coachbuilding experience is being given a whole new lease of life with some big names in the driving seat including Formula 1 champion Jenson Button, former Wheeler Dealer Ant Anstead and car designer Mark Stubbs.

The marque is apparently being revived to ‘create contemporary luxury commissions true to classic timeless designs, bringing a modern and relevant version of Radford coachbuilding, to a new discerning clientele’, which in a nutshell means we can expect some expensive retro luxury and bespoke personalisation.

The ex-Brian Epstein, Ringo Starr Radford Mini

Originally founded in 1948, the iconic Radford brand was the go-to choice of trendy transport by the world’s leading celebrities and taste makers, including all four Beatles, George Best and even Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger all opting for the ludicrous but brilliant idea of ​​owning a ‘luxury’ Mini trimmed and equipped to Rolls-Royce standards of excellence.


Jenson Button:
“To be able to help revive this iconic name is such a special and unique opportunity. The Radford brand carries such prestige and magnetism for anyone with an appreciation of cars. The work that Harold Radford and his team were responsible for in the mid 1900s is simply incredible, so I jumped at the chance to join Ant and Mark in their quest to put the ‘Radford’ name back in lights. The journey has very much begun, and news of our first car will follow shortly so watch this space.”

McCartney Mini
The 1965 Morris Mini Cooper S De Ville modified by Radford, originally owned and driven by Paul McCartney sold for £183,000

The new Radford journey has already begun with the marque’s first bespoke commission already in advanced stages and expected to be unveiled in the near future…

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