Judas Priest Porsche Expected To Bring £250,000 At Silverstone Auction

Judas Priest

The Porsche 911 Turbo SE that gave Gran Turismo 3 some leverage is set to cause even more sensation as it goes to auction expected to reap around £250,000.

Frequently billed as the world’s greatest heavy metal band, Judas Priest have not only risen to fame for their music but also for the cars they treat with tender love and care.

Lead guitarist Glenn Tipton and his band of warriors were giving Stuttgart a whistle stop tour when he purchased a white right-hand-drive Porsche 911 Turbo SE, but made sure the super-car was given the high spec he deserved.

From 1978 onwards Porsche revised the 930 Turbo with a larger 3.3 litre, turbocharged and inter-cooled engine that produced 300bhp. They also added the famous “tea tray” and from the mid 1980’s onwards also offered firstly an SE specification and more latterly an LE specification, both of which featured vented rear wheel arches to cool the rear discs, sill extensions (the same as the ‘flat-nose option), along with a special interior soft leather trim and polished wheel rims.

Judas Priest band members Tipton and KK Downing both bought Porsche 911 Turbo’s which were reputedly the inspiration behind the platinum-selling album, Turbo.

Apparently Tipton gave his prize possession more TLC than his guitar, with the mileage recorded at a staggering 14,130 miles (22,740 kilometers), which is why the vehicle is expected to deliver high octane at Silverstone Auctions.

The 911 Turbo SE will be up for grabs in the prestige sale at Silverstones on October 21st at The Wing.

Bids are expected to start around £160,000 rising to guide price of £250,000.

Tipton explained:
“We had a tour of the factory at Stuttgart and I was so impressed with the engineering and how meticulous they were when building cars, and I just had to have one.

“I live out in the sticks, and it has to be nice weather to take the Porsche out, so I hardly ever use it.

“It’s time for it to go to someone who will get some use of it, but it’s going to be very hard to let it go.

“Living through the decade, it was incredibly decadent.

“There was a lot of money flying around, it was a real pig-out in many ways, everything was larger than life.”

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