Keep This Quiet – The MINI Is A 21st Century Classic

The MINI, yes 'that' BINI, has become a 21st-century classic

You’d better say this quietly but the MINI, yes ‘that’ BINI, has quietly become a 21st-century classic.

Mind you, don’t take our word for it.

Some tedious and often Jesuitical research has been carried out by Honest John Classics into that convincing Government MoT data and has shown that once cars have matured, reaching the ripe old age of 18, owners begin ‘cherishing’ them and even ploughing money back in.

The consumer-driven site listed a debatable résumé that links Government MoT data to the ‘year of the banger’, which apparently is the Eureka figure of 18.

Honest John Classics Editor, Keith Moody said:
“This shows us that 18 is roughly the age where a car stops becoming a banger and starts to become cherished. The insurance industry will sometimes use a cut-off date of 25 years, but we much prefer to look at the MoT data.”

This may infuriate the classic Mini camp, but one such car ‘bucking the trend’ is the original BMW-built MINI, which is 18 this year and has (apparently) become a 21st-century collectable.

Mini - Old
The old Mini still has the X-Factor

Tanya Field, who runs the MINI Y-register, dedicated to the very first batch of MINIs, that came off the production line, registered with Y-prefix number plates issued from March 2001, may need to purchase a flack jacket following her quote below.

Tanya said:
“We’ve observed that Y-reg MINIs are already becoming popular due to their rarity, but any 2001 MINI now has a collectable following among enthusiasts, as they’re the first examples of a car that has clearly been a part of many people’s lives already.

“As with any classic car, enthusiasm is often driven by nostalgia, and the fact that the MINI is British has loads of character and is such good fun to drive really helps.

“A lot of MINI owners are in their Twenties,” added Tanya. “These are the cars they grew up with as children, so it’s no surprise that they love them.”

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Other 21st-century Classics

Other 21st-century classics are deemed to include the Rover 75, which isn’t surprising given the bells, whistles and stylish looks of the car. 2000s MGs, the Jaguar XJ and some of the more popular Japanese models such as the Mazda MX-5 sporty Toyota MR2.

The list below is the ‘touted’ and even subjective 21st-century classic list.

  • 1: MINI
  • 2: Rover 75
  • 3: MG TF
  • 4: Toyota MR2
  • 5: Jaguar XJ
  • 6: Ford Focus
  • 7: Mazda MX-5
  • 8: MG ZR
  • 9: Citroen Saxo VTR/VTS
  • 10: BMW 5-Series ‘E39’

Undoubtedly there are cars in the list above that stimulate the classic juices, but the BINI could leave the more discerning feeling somewhat parched and bewildered by the findings.

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  1. Not many folk realise the ‘Green’ contribution made by using classic vehicles. Manufacturers can’t all continue production rates at full pelt- demand will decline at some stage.

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