Latest Speedback GT ‘Blue Moon’ Takes 8,000 Hours To Create

Speedback GT 'Blue Moon'
Speedback GT 'Blue Moon'

The guys at David Brown Automotive have completed their latest bespoke build of the Speedback GT model and the one-off ‘Blue Moon’ looks pretty slick…

For those not familiar with the luxury sports car maker, the company is based at their purpose-built Silverstone manufacturing facility where they produce the Mini Remastered and Speedback GT cars by hand.

The latest Speedback GT offering is as you would expect – entirely bespoke, boasting handcrafted leathers, wood veneers, slick bright-ware plating and that essential ‘picnic seat’ we all need…

Speedback GT 'Blue Moon'

There’s no doubt this is a distinguished automotive masterpiece that stands out of the luxurious crowd, not least of all because of its blue hue and polished stainless steel wire wheels, but all of this does come at a hefty wallet bursting price. Exactly how much hasn’t been stated but if it’s anything like the Speedback Silverstone Edition unveiled at Geneva International Motor Show a couple of years ago, the bespoke recipient can expect an invoice for in the region of £620,000.00.


The interior options list includes a custom drink set that holds the owner’s preferred gin and tonic and two crystal highball glasses, along with a bespoke woollen picnic blanket, situated underneath the picnic seat that extends out of the boot of the car, a feature made famous by Speedback GT. Hopefully, not too much drinking before the 5.0-litre twin-scroll supercharged V8 is fired up…

Speedback GT 'Blue Moon'

David Brown Automotive, said:
We’re very proud of our entire product range, and while much of our volume comes from Mini Remastered models, enquiries and sales of Speedback GT have remained consistent since its launch and thanks to its timeless styling and superb build quality, the model remains a mainstay of our portfolio. Speedback GT is a practical, versatile and highly adaptable grand tourer that can be personalised in many ways. This latest Speedback GT finished in ‘Blue Moon’ is a great example of how a car can be tailored for a customer with their own ideas.

We’re a hard-working British brand and we’re demonstrating that we can deliver our luxury products on a global stage. This latest delivery of our Speedback GT to Germany demonstrates that there remains a demand for high-end, hand-crafted and bespoke design cars all over the world, all the time

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