Laurin & Klement Type BSC – A Škoda You Won’t Joke About

Laurin & Klement type BSC
Laurin & Klement type BSC

Škoda drivers were the brunt of many a humorous jibe in the 70s and even through to the ‘noughties’ but many forget the successful Czech automobile manufacturer was founded back in 1895 as Laurin & Klement and produced some beautiful machines.

Laurin & Klement Type BSC

The ‘how would you double the price of a Škoda’ joke may well amuse those still wearing flares, disco pants and shell suits but the impressive Laurin & Klement type BSC sports car, which last year celebrated its glorious 110th birthday could well sway jovial storytellers in the other more serious direction.

The incredibly rare vintage timepiece has recently been restored by a team skilled experts, reconstructing the 2-seated sports classic from original drawings and various additional historical sources.

Leaving the Mladá Boleslav factory in 1908, the engine still wears the original and authentic engine number with pride. All other mechanical components in the unique car are also original parts, retaining the integrity of this incredible sports car.

Laurin & Klement type BSC
Laurin & Klement type BSC – Images Škoda & Gif by CCC

Andrea Frydlová, Head of the ŠKODA Museum:
“The sporty Laurin & Klement BSC from 1908 is the only surviving example of twelve produced in total. We are delighted to have this unique vehicle like one of our most valuable exhibits following an extensive, two-year restoration.”

Dědeček Automobil (Grandfather Car)

Fame and now fortune has now elevated the L&K BSC into one of the most desirable vintage classics ever with an estimated value of around £1,000,000 being attached if ever the rarity came to auction. The car was also given a major conversion some years ago when it featured as a racing car in the Dědeček Automobil (Grandfather Car) by Alfréd Radok, which was released in Czechoslovak cinemas on 27 March 1957.

Laurin & Klement type BSC
Laurin & Klement type BSC

Bonnet, fender and other things were given a makeover for additional film appearances with all mechanical parts remaining intact and roadworthy, making this car one of the most distinguished around the Czechoslovak vintage car scene.

The Laurin & Klement BSC then found its way into the safe hands of the Škoda Museum where a team of experts set about the arduous and complex process of returning the car to its former glory. Following the 2 year renovation, the BSC is now one of the most valuable exhibits of the Škoda Museum in Mladá Boleslav.

The sporty type BSC was available both as a roadworthy chassis and as a complete vehicle with the body. The chassis, for which customers could have individual custom bodies produced, cost 5,000 K – the abbreviation for Austro-Hungarian krone. A complete vehicle with an open two-seater standard body was available from L&K for 5,500K.

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