Legendary Motor Racing Name Brabham Begins New Chapter

Brabham Automotive
Brabham Automotive

Brabham Automotive has launched itself back into high-speed prominence once again, as Formula 1 driver and Le Mans legend David Brabham headed the company and news release.

New Chapter

Today marks the start of a new chapter for one of the most celebrated and evocative names in motor racing history, with the launch of Brabham Automotive.

Led by multiple Le Mans winner, David Brabham, the announcement marks a continuation of the family’s legacy that started with his father, triple Formula 1 World Champion, Sir Jack Brabham.

A racer like no other, as well as a pioneer, engineer and F1 team owner, Sir Jack Brabham left an indelible mark on the world of motorsport, uniquely being the first and only driver to win an F1 World Championship in a car bearing his name. Today’s launch heralds the start of a new chapter in the story of a family synonymous with success.

Brabham Automotive

Drawing on vast experience from four decades of competing at all levels of global motorsport, David Brabham has combined his skill, passion and enthusiasm to guide this project ahead of its unveiling.

More information on Brabham Automotive will be announced shortly, and both media and the public are invited to register via the new website, www.brabhamautomotive.com, to receive updates.

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