Limited Run Of 12 Mercedes-Benz Electric Pagoda’s Available In 2021

Mercedes-Benz Electric Pagoda

A limited run of 12 stunning Mercedes-Benz Electric Pagoda’s will be available to order capable of a 200-mile range that can be rapid-charged to 70% in less than an hour or fully charged overnight from a standard home socket.

Just in case you’ve not heard the name before, Hemmels are a company obsessed with Mercedes-Benz classics, in fact, so much so that they even trademarked their unique reconstruction method, calling it the Neugeboren or ‘newborn’ process.

Today, Cardiff based Hemmels announced the launch of its very own classic Electric Pagoda, which preserves the elegance and beauty of the original model while adding 21st-century sustainable motoring technology.

Mercedes-Benz Electric Pagoda

The Mercedes-Benz 280 SL took its nickname, ‘Pagoda’ directly from the innovative hard-top design, utilising lightweight aluminium panels and living up to its Sport Leicht acronym in every way possible, becoming an instantly recognisable stylish classic that boasts unparalleled outward visibility. Celebrities such as singer Harry Styles, F1 champion legend Lewis Hamilton and supermodel Kate Moss are all fans of the car today.

Mercedes-Benz Electric Pagoda

Evidence suggests a growing clientele is more than willing to spend their money on high-end classic electrification vehicles that are rapidly becoming available. As ever, the key to success will be in the quality of the end product which Hemmels say has in excess of 4,000 man-hours going into each of their stunning revivals.

Leaving no stone unturned, the team pays homage to the original car, while cutting edge technology including Bluetooth, USB ports, satellite navigation and infotainment systems are carefully integrated within the tactile surroundings of the Electric Pagoda.

The electric powertrain has been created by Hemmels specifically for the Pagoda and is capable of a 200-mile range which, if needed, can be rapid-charged to 70% in less than an hour, or fully charged overnight from a standard home socket. Power output is increased from the standard ICE with an impressive top speed of 124mph being reached in just 9.4 seconds.

Electric Pagoda

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Iain Wood, Head of Operations, Hemmels:
“The Mercedes-Benz Pagoda is an exceptionally beautiful car that has always appealed to those with elegance and trend-setting style. By adding the electric powertrain and restoring these cars to perfection, the Electric Pagoda will allow the discerning client to express their individuality through driving a rare vintage classic with both modern reliability and environmental sustainability.”

Electric Pagoda

The company is offering a unique personalisation service with clients able to choose virtually any colour combination including the original factory ensemble if desired. Each car is fitted with a new leather interior that is hand sewn in a choice of matching or complementary stitching while finer details such as accent colours, name embossing and bespoke seat comfort specification are each explored during part of the design consultation.

So what does it all cost?
A limited production quantity of 12 units have now been made available to order in 2021 with some production slots reserved through pre-launch sales to Hemmels’ clientele in the UK and USA. Prices start at $295,000 USD (215,000 GBP).

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