London Classic Car Show To Celebrate E-type 60-Years Milestone

Jaguar E-type 60 years milestone

The London Classic Car Show will pay homage to the illustrious Jaguar E-type at Syon Park as part of the ‘The Evolution of Design’ theme this year. The car once described by Enzo Ferrari as “the most beautiful car ever made” will celebrate 60 years of success in spectacular fashion at the new outdoor venue in the capital.

One of a few selected cars to ever be exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, it’s tenacious lines and graceful styling make the desirable big cat one of the most iconic silhouettes ever to grace the tarmac. A design that embraces everything that’s British, with Series 1 models representing the model at its purest and most desirable form.

Jaguar E-type

Production began in 1961, and it originally featured a 3.8-litre double-overhead-cam, six-cylinder engine. It’s unique and exquisite styling was penned by Malcolm Sayer, overseen by company founder Sir William Lyons and evolved from Jaguar’s Le Mans-winning D-Type race cars.

E-Type UK Jaguar S3 V12 6.1

The sweeping bonnet and front fenders were constructed as one assembly and resided on a multi-tube front end which was then bolted to a steel body shell. Engine access was less herculean with the innovative front hinge mounting system allowing an unobstructed view for maintenance and other necessary mechanical tasks.

Whilst the comfort and styling are often waxed lyrical about, there’s no denying the Jaguar E-Type is one of the most beautiful cars ever produced. Whether one chooses the open-air exhilaration of the spirited Roadster or the sophistication of the Fixed Head Coupe with its more seductive lines is a matter of taste – one thing that has remained intact for 60 years is the sheer beauty of this timeless classic.

Jaguar E-type
Jaguar E-type Bonnet System
Show Director Mark Woolley said:
As London started to swing, the E-type quickly became every bit as synonymous with the fun-loving cultural revolution as The Kings Road, Carnaby Street, the mini skirt, Biba and The Beatles. In so many ways, the capital city is the E-type’s spiritual home and that’s why we are so excited to be honouring its momentous 60th birthday with special showcases at next year’s The London Classic Car Show.

The E-type really had it all. It was a fast supercar, relatively affordable, uber-trendy and blessed with simply stunning styling. No wonder it became so fashionable and the car of choice for all the major top celebrities, whether movie stars, supermodels, sporting heroes or chart-topping pop stars.

Adding further pertinence to the landmark celebrations being planned for Syon Park, the springtime weekend now chosen for the rescheduled event falls very close to the seminal sportscar’s actual birth date. It was in March 1961 that Jaguar caused a sensation by unveiling the British beauty at that year’s Geneva Motor Show. Quite apart from its film star looks, the dazzling two-seater coupe offered 150+mph performance for a fraction of the price of rivals with similar gusto.

Famous early E-type owners included debonair and ‘Persuader’ Tony Curtis, Peter Sellers, George Harrison, Charlton Heston, Bridget Bardot, Frank Sinatra, George Best and even Austin Powers.

Series 3 2+2 RestorationJaguar Series 3 Fully Restored by E-Type UK


*Tickets for 2021 London Classic Car Show at Syon Park go on sale tomorrow, Thursday 26 November. As in 2020, adult admission tickets are available in advance from £25 (£30 on the day) with a limited number of Premium upgrades also on offer.

*Providing reassurance for all ticket buyers, full refunds (excluding booking and transaction fees) will be offered should the show be cancelled as a result of Covid-19.