London Motor Museum

The London Motor Museum located in Hayes, Greater London, is home to one of the largest collections of both classic and custom automobiles in Europe (the number may have risen since you have read this paragraph); Home to over 200 of the finest collectables including a 1937 Auburn Speedster, a 1967 ‘Eleanor’ GT500, a 1937 Lincoln Zephyr with over £155,000 worth of customisation the London Motor Museum is truly remarkable.

More than just classic cars the London Motor Museum boasts a wide range of unique vehicles and exhibitions, ranging from the 1930’s to the present day. Exhibits include The Movie Car Section, The Bat-Cave (home to both the 1966 and 1989 Batmobile), Muscle Car Alley, The Supercar Paddock (home to some of the fastest cars in the world), and much more.

Movie Cars
The movie car section has on display some of Hollywood’s most iconic automobiles including the likes of , Starsky and Hutch’s Gran Torino, Mr Bean’s Mini, ‘Only Fools and Horses’ Robin Reliant and a Lotus Esprit which is like the one featured in the 1977’s James Bond’s ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’.

The Bat Cave
The Bat Cave is home to the 1966 Batmobile which featured in the TV series starring Adam West and also the 1989 which features in Tim Burton’s gothic classic starring Michael Keaton

Supercar Paddock
The Supercar Paddock featuring our 2014 Formula One car, driven by Pastor Maldonado (Venezuela) driver for the Lotus Formula One team.

Lowrider Room
Lamborghini Countach 5000S Triple white edition similar to the car featured in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ starring actor Leonardo Di Caprio.

London Motor Museum boasts of a collection of Lowriders second to none. Lowriders featuring from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s era. All fitted with either hydraulics or air suspension.

London Motor Museum
London Motor Museum

3 Nestles Ave

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