M Shed Bristol

Bristol Places
The Bristol Places gallery focuses on the physical and dynamic city – the ways that people have shaped and experienced it and continue to do so.

Bristol People
The Bristol People gallery explores activities past and present that make Bristol what it is – creating, trading, challenging and celebrating.

Bristol Life
The Bristol Life gallery explores people’s shared experiences in the city, from the momentous to the everyday – see, hear and share stories.

The Working Exhibits
Read about some of our biggest exhibits which are outside M Shed and can be seen even when the museum is closed.

Treasures in Store
L Shed, adjoining M Shed, contains thousands of items from the industrial, maritime and social history collections.

M Shed Bristol
M Shed Bristol

Princes Wharf
Wapping Rd

Phone: 0117 352 6600

Email: here

Website: www.bristolmuseums.org.uk

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