Magnus Walker – Unapologetic About His Porsche 911 Fetish

Magnus Walker
An outlandish & unapologetic Magnus Walker speaks about his incredible Porsche collection.

Magnus Walker is a Porsche freak who cares little for anyone who thinks differently about him or his fetish for the German marque.

The casual British designing ‘Urban Outlaw’ fell in love with Porsche at the tender age of 10 years old, when his father took him to the Earls Court Motor Show in 1977, and still retains his unconditional devotion to the now iconic brand.

Following his narrowminded crusade to enlist a Porsche 911 for every year between 1964 – 1973, the Serious Clothing Brand guru now proudly owns one of the world’s most fascinating and breathtaking car collections which sits comfortably within a factory in Los Angeles.

Magnus Walker
Magnus Walker – Porsche 911 Collection

Magnus Walker:
“If everyone likes your look, you’re on the wrong track.”

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The unapologetic designer has been the appreciative owner of no less than 40 stunning 911’s of which the 73 has still eluded him. Ironically the fashion designer foraged and eventually located the most difficult and original Porsche ’64’ of which his enthusiasm never wanes.

His devotion to the archetypal Porsche 911 is now legendary, although the flamboyant petrolhead has now sold part of his lovable Porsche 40 collection, decreasing its opulent size and value to around 25 of which none are for sale.

Magnus Walker – The Thinker

Don’t be fooled by the passive strategy that’s often delivered in spades by this intelligent, and and sometimes binarian collector of beautiful classic cars.

An often mono-toned and unexcitable outward presence bares little if any resemblance to the overwhelming intrinsic devotional loyalty he clearly embraces the German brand with.

Dreadlocks, tattoos and jeans with more rips than Bondi Beach do this cool guy some injustice. Magnus Walker is an astute businessman that began with punk fashion then moved into the more lucrative real-estate sector.

Urban Outlaw

“Its the smell, its the sound, you hear your heart pumping and sense the sweat dripping down.”

Magnus Walker is a man that not only chased his dream, he damn well caught up with it, then slammed his right foot firmly down in the threadbare carpet and blisteringly overtook it.

The autobiography, Urban Outlaw, was published to coincide with the guru’s fiftieth birthday.