Maserati Is Quietly Celebrating The 70th Aniversary Of The A6G 2000

Maserati A6G/2000 Spider

Maserati is quietly going about their business while celebrating the 70th anniversary of their stylish A6G 2000 which is… well, the Maserati way.

The Italian luxury carmaker celebrated it’s own 106 year anniversary last year and unlike its noisy neighbours, Ferrari, who seem to constantly bang the loudest PR drum they can find, Maserati are much more refined and classy when it comes to celebrating one of its own. Sure, the Italian automaker has a social media campaign and the essential sales drive every car manufacturer needs to survive but Maserati do things with a less ‘in your face’ mentality and more subtlety.

Built by Maserati from 1947 to 1956, the A6G 2000 was named in homage to Alfieri Maserati (hence the letter A) and is a perfect example of the marques unique Italian styling without needing a megaphone to describe just how good it looks.

Maserati A6G/2000 Zagato Coupe

Maserati only ever produced a mere 16 of these jaw-dropping classics of which nine were Coupe 2+2 by Pinin Farina, another two-tone A6G 2000 Coupe was bodied by Vignale the famous Italian automobile coachbuilder, plus five bespoke Spiders and a final Coupe styled by Pietro Frua.

The 1950 Turin Motor Show provided the backdrop for the impressive and exclusive launch of the A6G 2000, which Maserati presented in two versions: a 4-seater, 2-door sedan by Pininfarina, and that single convertible designed by Pietro Frua we spoke earlier about.

A standard no-frills single plate clutch was the order of the day, sending the drive through the four-speed gearbox and off to a trusty rear-wheel-drive – reverse gear was even thrown in for obvious reasons. Suspension comprised of independent front and rear wheel suspension and a simplified rigid axle with leaf springs.

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Hydraulic brakes were in operation on all four wheels and stylish solid steel or spoked wheels completed the carefully chosen blend of craftsmanship and technological innovation, which made this car, built for the few, an icon on the motoring scene of the time.

Maserati A6G/2000 Spider - Frua

Uniqueness, sportiness, graceful curves and Italian construction are all central to Maserati’s DNA and are still visible today in the new models that will hopefully characterise the coming years unless the brand decides to change its ethos.

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