Maserati Looks Back And Forward On The Italian Marques Anniversary

Maserati looks back and forward on its 106 year anniversary

Maserati has been spreading their publicity wings this year and moving into 2021 is looking no different as the Italian marque enters a new and more likely difficult phase in its history, apparently guided by its audacity and DNA.

Celebration – Past & Future

Today marks the luxury Italian automotive manufacturers 106 year anniversary and Maserati are celebrating its foundation and history by looking back more than a century whilst keeping both eyes firmly on what could be an extremely testing future. It was precisely 106 years ago that Alfieri Maserati joined forces with his brothers Ettore and Ernesto to establish “Alfieri Maserati”, at number 1A on via de’ Pepoli, in the heart of the lively and historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, Bologna.

Maserati from A to Z

The brand has created a visual media journey embracing a flow of images that historically track the company’s story, recounting the Brand’s spirit and, like its rivals, constant battle for performance, innovation and exclusivity. The storytelling is in time to the beat of the alphabet and lists what Maserati has been and what it will be in the future.

Maserati CEO Davide Grasso:
We’re starting from our roots to build our future. We’re proud to have shown that our present is guided by the audacity of those who look to the future with confidence, undaunted by difficulties. 2020 marked the start of a new Era for our Brand and, now as never before, we need to be authentic and to return to our Marque’s timeless values to face the challenges that await us with our energy undimmed. For Maserati, this is a time to build our future.

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Maserati Brand Movie

The short movie, “Maserati A-Z”, is a celebration of the Brand. A glimpse at the highlights and all the various factors behind Maserati’s audacity. The storytelling is punctuated by the letters of the alphabet and is the perfect representation of the Brand’s past, present and future.

In 4 minutes, the film features over 30 models and a modern, eclectic cast, which convey a timeless spirit through imagery with a strong visual impact.

The Soundtrack is a special “Maserati Mix” of the iconic “The Chase” by Giorgio Moroder.

The Maserati Alphabet: The alphabet of audacity

A – Alfieri
B – Bora, Boomerang, Biturbo
C – Customise
D – Design
E – Electrification
F – Fast
G – GranTurismo
H – Heartbeat
I – Innovation
J – Just One Look
K – Keep Dreaming Big
L – (True) Love
M – Made in Modena
N – Nettuno
O – Original
P – Passion
Q – Quattroporte
R – Rebel
S – Sound
T – Trident
U – Unorthodox
V – Visceral
W – Winning in Style
X – Xtravagant
Y – Yours Forever
Z – Zooming into the Future

The Maserati Alphabet is a celebration of the past, present and future of the Trident brand with Z representing “Zooming into the Future”: the Brand is set to take centre stage with revolutionary new cars, innovations and projects. The focus is already strongly on the future.

Difficult times beckon for every single automotive manufacturer with challenges that could see brands such as Maserati, Bentley, VW, Ford, Mercedes and other ‘big hitters’ looking to the bank rather than the future in 2021…