Mercedes AMG Is Celebrating The ‘Red Pig’ With 3 Special Editions

Mercedes AMG Celebrate Red Pig

Remember the iconic 1969 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 ‘Red Pig’? Well, Mercedes AMG is paying tribute to the German powerhouse’s achievements with three exclusive GT3 special editions…

For those less familiar, the ‘Red Pig’ is perhaps the most iconic vehicle Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance division ever produced. Successfully winning its class and eventually finishing second place overall in the 1971 Spa Francorchamps 24 hours (having started a modest 5th on the grid), the widened tracked Mercedes-Benz was instrumental in the company’s swift rise to fame before the marque took over the company some twenty years later.

The original and subsequently damaged 300 SEL was modified at a customer’s request and later transformed into a beefy racing machine. The bored out 6.8-litre engine from a 600 Grosser produced 420 bhp with AMG aluminium doors, widened track, larger tyres, and flared wheel arches. It was those bizarre proportions and bright red overcoat which led to the nickname ‘Red Pig’ following the car that convincingly proved itself in the crucible of motorsport.

Mercedes AMG Celebrate Red Pig

The limited-edition one-off racers include one Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3, one Mercedes-AMG GT3 (model year 2016) and the current evolution version of the Mercedes-AMG GT3. Each has unique features and special characteristics that pay homage to the iconic looks of the 300 SEL 6.8 AMG from 50 years ago.

Jochen Hermann, technical managing director, Mercedes-AMG GmbH:
“The special editions recall one of the most important milestones in AMG’s corporate history. The 24-hour race at Spa in 1971 stands as an example for the spirit of our brand: daring to take on the impossible, overcoming challenges, and convincing with performance! I am very happy that we have been present with our Customer Racing Programme in the Belgian endurance racing classic without exception since 2011.

“This year, my joy is even bigger as I will be on-site for the race myself. I am curious what the public response to our special editions will be like. Technically and optically, they are highlights, there is no doubt about that. And the exclusivity of the three cars is really extraordinary!”

Mercedes AMG Celebrate Red Pig

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 “50 Years Legend of Spa”
The SLS AMG GT3 “50 Years Legend of Spa” is a brand-new competition gullwing from the year 2021. Officially, production of the model range came to an end in 2015, but for the anniversary edition, Mercedes-AMG took the final and only still available bodyshell of the model from its warehouse. This was used to build the special version. Together with the other characteristics and specifications of the special version, the result is a car that can’t be exceeded in terms of uniqueness.

Red Pig

Mercedes-AMG GT3 “50 Years Legend of Spa” (MY 2016)
The Mercedes-AMG GT3 “50 Years Legend of Spa” is a fascinating new car from the first model generation that meanwhile has been discontinued. Next to the typical special colour schemes for the interior and the exterior as well as the numerous special features, the race car has another characteristic that is making it unmistakable and unique: its chassis number. The space frame of the anniversary edition, made from aluminium, has the concise number 100.

Mercedes AMG Celebrate Red Pig

Mercedes-AMG GT3 “50 Years Legend of Spa” (MY 2020)
Slick-shod and striving for success: as a special edition “50 Years Legend of Spa”, the new Mercedes-AMG GT3 is representing the present as well as the past and the future. Apart from the performance exhaust system that is making it even more powerful, its technology is identical to that of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 cars that are on the grid for this year’s 24-hour race. Moreover, with its looks and its special features, it is a tribute to the DNA and the history of the AMG brand.

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