MG Cyberster Official First Shots Released And It Looks Hot

MG Cyberster
MG Cyberster

The first official shots of the much anticipated MG Cyberster concept have now been released and the sporty all-electric looks pretty hot in the flesh…

A matter of days after being teased by some half-decent renderings, the bold MG Cyberster concept car which is set to make its debut at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show 21 – 28 April 2021, has been showcased for the first time before its official outing.

The two-door, two-seater racer was developed by the in-house team at the MG Advanced Design Centre in London and takes some of its cues from the original MGB Roadster while integrating all the high-tech a driver and his or her passenger might wish for, including that all-important interactive gaming cockpit and 5G connectivity.

MG Cyberster Gallery

‘Classic’ round MG headlights interact with the slim grille design, along with ‘Magic Eye’ headlights that open when switched operated; technology continues down the side of the racy silhouette with a ‘laser belt’ LED strip that’s sure to impress anyone who catches a glimpse of the machine in the dark.

As for range, the Cyberster utilises its very own intelligent all-electric architecture with an approximate EV range of 800km (500 miles) while delivering a 0-100km/h time (0-62mph) in less than three seconds.

Its powerful sports car profile has a distinct two-stage shoulder line, with a flattened ‘kamm tail’ rear, accentuated by unusual ‘hacker blade’ alloy wheels. The tail lamps are of LED construction and are integrated flat into the rear of the car, projecting a digital image of the Union Jack in a bid to connect with MG’s British heritage.

MG Cyberster

The “digital fibre” interior design theme adopts a driver-centric layout, with a separated cockpit for driver and passenger and a large-sized LED instrument cluster with a second central screen. The screen ahead of the driver presents all of the key vehicle information in a modern nut minimalist style, while the central display houses its more interactive features.

MG’s ‘Zero Gravity’ seats have floating head restraints, while the door panels and red leather handles reflect the ‘laser belt’ that runs down the car’s exterior.

Carl Gotham, Director of SAIC Design Advanced London, said:
“The Cyberster is a bold statement that looks strongly into MG’s future, touching on our heritage but more importantly building on our technology and advanced design.

“Cyberster is a hugely exciting concept for us.”

All in all, this is a slick-looking automotive concept and is sure to satisfy those looking for something that goes ‘fast’ which seems to be all the EV worshippers dream about these days…

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  1. I see it’s all electric, not a chance. I like to drive my MG’s X-Country. A friend is trying to drive an electric car X-Country right now, so far days more than a normal car, hours waiting to charge and has even been on a roll back to the next charge. Not the way I want to travel.
    If you like this buy a real car, the Corvette is proven and (at least so far) made in America. This car is a joke on us and England. (Thanks for selling out guys!)

    • What you express is monolithic thought as if it “doesn’t work for you and your situation” then its bad. Nonsense. So you would theoretically pick something else but it may work for the needs/preferences of others.

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