Mini Adventure As Nick Swiftly Passes Padmore To Claim Victory

Nick Swift steals the lead from Nic Padmore to win

Classic enthusiasts were treated to a Mini adventure as Nick Swift grasped his only opportunity to claim victory at Goodwood in the Betty Richmond Trophy.

The Betty Richmond Trophy race for Minis was the star of the weekend as classic racing experts, Nick Swift and Nic Padmore gave it 150% around the Goodwood Motor Circuit this afternoon.

A rapid start out of a high profile grid line-up saw Nic Padmore reaping the rewards from his months of hard training. Unfortunately Swift was having none of it, constantly pushing his skilled counterpart at every given corner, straight and even final apex, to eventually steal the crown jewels from the extremely talented but disappointed Padmore.

A truly remarkable encounter with all competitors delivering immense entertainment and a fabulous race that could only be given ten-out-of-ten.

Final Race Standings:

Mini Adventure - Betty Richmond Trophy
Betty Richmond Trophy For Minis

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