Mini Remastered But The Peaky Blinders Ain’t Having None Of It

Mini Remastered
Mini Remastered - Classic lovers won't doff their Peaky Blinders (Images courtesy David Brown Automotive)

The Mini may have been ‘remastered’ but the Peaky Blinders ain’t having none of it.

Unless your average classic flat-capper strikes it lucky on the lottery, he or even she won’t be throwing £90,000 (£75,000.00 excluding taxes for international buyers) anywhere near this reborn Mini, even if it has got all the bells and whistles its elderly predecessor didn’t.

That said, this little pocket rocket will have its admirers, albeit dressed in sharp suits and dripping prawn sandwich mayonnaise down the front of their fine Italian-woven cotton shirts.

David Brown Automotive (DBA) have given the old girl a custom chassis, more ‘oomph’ and the much needed technology required to plug that overused smart device in, without needing an adaptor that doesn’t fit and packs in every month because you only shelled out £1 for it.

Mini Remastered
Mini Remastered – This car has got style and opulence (Images courtesy David Brown Automotive)

Hand Built

Hand built and given some suspension that won’t rattle those dentures out, this good looking Mini Remastered can even boast body panels that fit with precision and not just ‘where they touch’. Hell, its even been de-seamed, strengthened and sound-proofed, so cranking the volume up on that nostalgic 8-track shouldn’t be needed anymore.

On a serious note the sophisticated infotainment system is so good, technophobes will need a towel-rail fitted to the British-sourced leather door card to stay calm and collected. A 7” touchscreen moves away from the traditional central speedometer binnacle, but does allow you to navigate safely through those nasty little city streets we all love to hate.

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Paintwork is up there too, with a hand applied process that apparently takes four weeks and looks the dogs danglers. Well designed badges and bright-work have also gained back some of that often frowned upon integrity that classic lovers seem to cherish more than their own siblings.

Mini Remastered
Hand built with incredible paintwork (Images courtesy David Brown Automotive)


I want power! Well, this little classic lookalike will give you around 40% more chat than the original power-plant (90-100bhp). Tuned and rebuilt with new parts, this car should bring a smile to that otherwise miserable face after parting with that well earned cash.


There is no doubting the Remastered Mini is ostentatious and luxurious, but on the downside the jewel-like LED rear light clusters and indicators, framed by bespoke aluminium surrounds, look more bling than authentic. That said, grille and bullet-style door-mounted mirrors do look fantastic and dare I say, better than the original (runs for cover).

Would I Pay £90K?

The answer is yes and no. But before you shout ‘get those splinters out of your arse’, my response is based purely on a point in time. By that, I mean how much loot happens to reside in my slightly sparse bank account, which at this particular point in time is limited.

Mini Remastered will undoubtedly split classic enthusiasts down the centre, with one half giving it a modern day thumbs up, and the other ‘I’ve got a proper Mini’ camp throwing the metaphorical Jerry Can and matches in its opulent direction.

So what do you think of this rather grand looking remastered classic?


  1. Well, they’ve called it “Remastered”, so only people with an incredibly poor sex-life will want to have a moan.

    If I could afford it, and if I was free to choose it, I would be mighty interested. A rare car that’ll do 50mpg, will cost not-too-much to service and insure, and shouldn’t tempt you into damaging your licence excessively As it is I shall just touch the brim of my authentic 8-panel button-top Harris Tweed cap at one if I’m lucky enough to have one pass nearby.

    BTW: A replica Peaky Blinders cap is about as authentic as a BMW-Mini…

  2. Seems to me MINI itself is one who could produce something modern but quite similar and for a whole hell less amount of money. Think – smaller than the current 2021 MINI Cooper with a 1.2 to 1.5 3 cylinder , direct injected, 4 valves /DOHC, 6spd manual/8spd auto , leather seats, classic gauges, “2+1” seating , LSD front diff, independent rear suspension, classic colors,…….and I would be there with a check in hand if around $25 to $30k.

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