MST’s Stunning Retro Mk1 Continuation Is ‘Red Hot’

In case you missed the Late Brake ManchesTOUR at the weekend, this is MST Cars brand-new Mk1 Continuation and we reckon it looks ‘red hot’…

Now, before you scream at your mobile screen, we know it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to spot the obvious iconic Mk1 Ford Escort rally car silhouette likeness, but you’ll also notice the lack of any badging in the obvious locations.

That’s simply because the company isn’t authorised or otherwise affiliated with the Ford Motor Company.

The brand-new Mk1 retro continuation follows directly in the tyre tracks of the successful launch of MST Cars and Motorsport Tools Mk2 back in January this year, albeit £20k more expensive.


How much does it cost?

Well, that depends on your preferences and choices but prices start at around £85,000 before any tax so you’d better start counting those pennies. Cars are all handbuilt in North Wales, UK, using all new parts including bodyshell with a current lead-time of approximately 12-18 months.

MST Mk1 Continuation

As you can see from the shots taken at Manchester Central, MST’s rally-rebirth is based on the proven 1968 classic Escort design and can be stripped out lightweight or fully bespoke hand-trimmed, while embracing today’s modern technology.

The end product, even without the blue ovals, is a stunning road or competition rally / race car designed to driven and not just admired for it’s looks.

MST Mk1 Continuation

Keeping the original rear-wheel drive layout, buyers have the choice of 2.5 or 2.8-litre engines with power ranging between 200 and 380bhp. Gearbox options include 6-speed H-pattern and 6 speed sequential with an optional WRC type paddle shift system.

MST Mk1 Continuation

The cars are maintain the classic look and feel of the 1960’s designed classic, featuring the bubble arches and Minilite wheels.

Underneath the cars run the latest electrical systems and ECUs making them ultra-reliable as well as offering a wide range of modern features.

MST Mk1 Continuation

You can catch a glimpse of the brand-new Mk1 really machine at this year’s Classic Motor Show from 12 – 14 November at Birmingham’s NEC where it will be on show alongside its fellow Mk2.

Images courtesy MST

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