NEC Classic Motor Show 2018 Theme Revealed As ‘Built to Last’

Built to Last
The theme for this year's Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, has been revealed as ‘Built to Last’

This year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery will be themed to pay tribute to a whole range of motoring elements, with particular attention given to the centenary of the end of World War 1.

The innovative theme will be called ‘Built to Last’, embracing the integrity and passion service men and women delivered throughout those difficult times.

The show will take at the usual Birmingham NEC from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 November 2018, with clubs, showcases and exhibitors being invited to interpret the theme in various creative ways when delivering their own individual displays.

Acting Show Director Lee Masters explains the thinking behind this year’s theme choice:
“We wanted a theme that paid tribute to the various elements of motoring but in particular the centenary of the end of World War 1, which falls on the final day of the show. If there is anything that sums up ‘Built to Last’, it’s the service men and women that ensured the safety and freedom of our country that we all enjoy today.

“It is not only the show that is marking the impact of these thoroughbred cars as many manufacturers are now also looking to the cars of yesteryear for inspiration and protecting the heritage fleets for the enthusiasts of tomorrow.”

60 years of LEGO
60 years of LEGO – fan built Land Rover

The classic event promises to be even more spectacular then ever, honouring the military and service personnel and also celebrating those marques that have also reached huge milestones such as 130 years of Rover, 120 years of Renault, and 110 years of the Ford Model T.

There are also those vehicles that have been ‘built to last’ so that they can be passed down from generation to generation, undertake epic journeys and challenges, and even remain on the roads to this day – some with their original drivers.

Dave Youngs, Car Club Manager for Lancaster Insurance, comments:
“The theme can be interpreted in many ways and gives great scope for exhibitors to really make it their own. I work with clubs on a daily basis and admire each enthusiasts’ contribution, ensuring that our classic car community stays vibrant for future generations to enjoy. So along with celebrating marques, models and anniversaries, I can’t think of a better theme to showcase this passion and dedication which is undoubtedly built to last!”

As well as all the obvious ways the theme can be conveyed, the organisers have also come up with a few fun and family elements they hope to showcase too.

This year sees the 60th anniversary of LEGO, enjoyed by children and adults all over the world. With vehicles such as the Mini Cooper, Ferrari F50 and VW Beetle immortalised in the famous plastic brick, and new vehicles being released in the future, it is hoped to have some of them on display.

There are also plans to extend the theme into the various show feature areas including the Restoration Theatre, Discovery Live Stage, and Sporting Bears’ Dream Rides Garage.

Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show – Tickets

Tickets are now on sale for the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, at Birmingham’s NEC from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 November.

For more information, ticket prices and booking details, visit

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