North East MG & Classic Car Show 2018

North East MG & Classic Car Show
North East MG & Classic Car Show

North East MG & Classic Car Show 2018 numbers higher than expected!

Following the horrendous weather on Saturday evening, we decided to risk the predicted Sunday May 13th downpour and visit the popular North East MG & Classic Car Show 2018.

Armed with the usual waterproofs, camera and enthusiasm, off we set towards the picturesque riverside park in Chester-Le-Street. Pleasantly surprised by the lack of clouds we dumped the transport into the cheapest and nearest car park, then proceeded swiftly towards the slightly scary, but welcoming stewards at the now busy entrance.

Battery charged and shutters cocked, it was time for the obligatory ‘where first’ debate, usually followed by a disorientated haphazard approach to the job in hand.

Vauxhall Cavalier
The oldest known surviving Vauxhall Cavalier in the UK

North East MG – Strong Cast

On close inspection the casting was looking much stronger than we first anticipated, with the obvious MG presence exceeding our expectations. Other classic inclusions around the very coordinated display areas were also of the highest order, as the gallery below reflects.

We even managed to fit in a redirection exercise, venturing to the Washington Restoration Show which happened to be located a few miles North of the intended visit. A great little event and lots to rummage around, including some interesting indoor restoration projects.

Overall a good day with an interesting mix of vehicles, extremely approachable owners and all free!

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  1. Thanks! Today I had a super day. The first time I have attended your show but won’t be the last. Roger Rolls Royce

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