On The Lash – Lamborghini Based 7X Rayo Is Pretty And Fast

7X Rayo - Hampton Court Palace
7X Rayo - Hampton Court Palace

This fiery Lamborghini Huracan-based Rayo is a one-off project supercar from bespoke vehicle creator 7X Design and it’s been on display at Hampton Court Palace…

Make no bones about it, this is a real firecracker with a stonking Lamborghini Huracan V10 power unit that’s had two oversized turbos attached to both sides. The end product is a stylish, stupidly fast, coachbuilt head-turner with three times the output of its Italian donor.

Yes, that’s a breathtaking 1900bhp being dished out from the steroid injected powertrain which has been fully engineered by Envisage Group in Coventry and commissioned via 7X Design, who have their sights firmly set on the magical 300mph figure sometime in the not so distant future.

7X Rayo - Hampton Court Palace

Aerodynamics have been radically improved by the use of carbon fibre panels carefully fixed to the standard Lamborghini monocoque chassis, reducing the now lightweight 7X Rayo’s drag coefficient from 0.39 down to a reported 0.279.

We bumped into the stealth-like 7X Rayo at Hampton Court a few days ago…

So how much does it all cost?
The company says costs depend on the complexity, materials, amount of detail, and customisation required by the client but a complete project can be made for around €1,2 million plus the cost of the donor vehicle, which isn’t too bad is it?

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