Painting With Light: Bill Pack & Stunning Classic Photography

Painting with light
The Exquisite Painting With Light

Painting with light allows the avant-garde and classic photography to work harmoniously in synergy, the end result is such an epiphany of beauty that one can simply remain silent and immerse themselves in extreme pleasure.

Ubiquitous photographic margins between ‘nice’ and extremely pleasurable are so thin, as simple onlookers we often forget the skill required to produce something of such magnitude it envelopes the observer. Taste is of course individual, but the inquisitive among those who just ‘look’ will often notice detail that seems transparent or even non-existent to others less scrutinate.

Bill Pack, owner of V12 Enterprises is one of those scrutinate people who pays such attention to detail the end product falls just short of miraculous.

Painting With Light
The Exquisite Painting With Light

Painting With Light

A passion for classic photography and classic automotive design, Bill was trained as a commercial photographer at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. His career has the integrity and foundations of those building innovative, creative and breathtaking architecture. Striving for perfection, his love for classic photography paved a visionary pathway towards an illumination technique: “Painting with Light.”

This illumination technique is applied to a subject by moving a light source over its surface while taking a long-exposure image. It’s more painting than photography – a process of layering and sculpting with light that enhances a car’s shape and lines, makes details pop against the blackest of shadows, and reveals the design intent and emotion behind each classic car’s form.

A unique powerful blend of light and strong classical lines has given Bill distinguished prominence among collectors and car enthusiasts around the globe. Contemporary use of light, with definitive and strong lines delivered from exquisite classic car symmetry are synonymous with Packs attitude towards photographic perfection.

Chasing Classic Cars star, Wayne Carini said:
“I wanted to commend you on a wonderful book. All of your images have brought out shapes in cars I have not seen before.”

Dazzling Pages

Bill now the owner of V12 Enterprises, something you may feel is ‘out of touch’ or exclusive. Nothing could be further from the truth, this is a man who passionately displays his love for excellence and purity, assembled in a collection of his best work.

Seductively bound, there will be two volumes, each delivering 172 dazzling pages. The first volume is Automotive Art Volume One, the second Automotive Art Volume Two will be printed for Christmas 2019.

The purpose of this invaluable Kickstarter campaign is to raise the funds required to produce a book that will match the design detail and luxury standards of the classic cars being featured. There is a minimum quantity of books that has to be ordered to ensure the best production quality and price.

Finally, this is a man who not only strives towards impeccable accuracy when focusing on shooting a memory that sustains an indefinite life, but also pays meticulous attention to the ‘here and now’ detail many often leave on the cutting room floor.

To support this book and to find out how to obtain a copy, including limited editions, please visit the Kickstarter page, which you can find here.

Book Example & Pages:

Painting With Light Ferrari Page Example
Painting with light
Painting With Light Page Example
Painting with light
Painting With Light Page Example

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