Parry Thomas – Killed In The Pursuit Of The Land Speed Record

Parry Thomas - Hugh Tours
Parry Thomas - Hugh Tours

Parry Thomas – Hugh Tours.

An authentic and historic automotive journey about the late J. G. Parry Thomas, who was tragically killed in his pursuit of the Land Speed Record through the eyes of Hugh Tours.

Hugh Tours presents an in-depth and deeply thought-provoking walk through the life and times of the late great and often difficult Welshman, ‘Parry Thomas‘. Describing in great detail Thomas’s engineering background, racing prowess, dancing and even sporting achievements.

Parry Thomas - Hugh Tours
Parry Thomas – Hugh Tours

Tracing the footsteps and career of a man described as highly intelligent, modest, irritable and pathetic, the 192 pages provide a detailed and accurate insight into one of the most famous yet least spoken about racing heroes.

From his early years as Chief Engineer at Leyland Motors, where he was instrumental in designs that include the famous Leyland Eight car and Thomas electrical transmission, to his decidedly risky leap of faith into the world of motor racing, Thomas’s short life is wonderfully depicted in both words and illustrations.

Assisted by the famous Reid Railton, it would be the lure of the legendary Brooklands race track that tipped the career scales of a man who seemed destined to break the Land Speed Record at some point in his impressive yet condensed life span.

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Racing Career

Thomas’s illustrious racing career is deservedly awarded a six-chapter binary showcase from 1922 – 1926 with a superbly detailed recap in the 6th chapter titled ‘Record Breaking’. Here you will find the definitive character of this determined and resilient Welshman. A man who’s insatiable appetite for speed would ultimately kill him.

The progressive race by race tour eventually steers the reader into the most interesting of the 10 fascinating chapters; Disaster 1927.

From the morning Thomas woke still suffering from a bout of influenza, the wonderfully narrated conclusion leaves nothing to the imagination and delivers a ‘blow-by-blow’ account of Thursday 3rd March 1927.

Pendine Sands will always be remembered for its competitive and victorious encounter with the 27-litre Liberty engined ‘Babs’ and unrelenting quest for supremacy by the heroic ‘Parry Thomas’.

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By Hugh Tours
Imprint: Pen & Sword Transport
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781526759221
Published: 7th August 2019

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