Project ‘Moderna’ On The Final Straight With A Quad-Cam V12

Project Moderna nears completion

GTO Engineering’s sixties inspired V12 Moderna has now progressed from renderings and development into production with order books fully open in preparation for what looks to be significant customer interest…

It was back in November 2020 when British Ferrari specialist GTO Engineering first revealed their intentions to build a sixties sports car throwback codenamed ‘Moderna’ with a few artist impressions.

Fast forward into February and the Reading-based GTO Engineering team has now deemed their ‘celebration of the sixties’ build a step closer to being finalised with some tantalising renderings just to whet our appetites.

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Prospective buyers can expect to dig their psychedelic tie-dye shirts out and embrace some retro motoring with an engineering twist that features a quad-cam V12 engine at the heart of a sub-1,000 kg sports car with a manual gearbox and a naturally aspirated engine, designed to thrust the pilot back into the sixties in the blink of an eye.

Moderna Gallery

GTO Engineering’s development of the Moderna project is led by Founder Mark Lyon who said:
“After the exceptional reception from interested owners and fans who would like to own a car such as ours, we’re now making it happen and publicly documenting the development process. For our team the engine and the aesthetics are two of the most important parts of any car, especially this one, which is why we were keen to start here.

“The quad-cam V12, with the help of our specialist in-house engine builders, is beginning to be finalised. At the same time, our designers have been working with us on the outer body to finalise the surfaces before transferring it to modelling.

“To ensure we keep to our goals we’re working around a custom ‘muletto’ chassis, which is situated in the GTO Engineering workshops. It’s a daily reminder of how we need to not only keep the design’s proportions right, as well as weight distribution and ergonomics.

“People have got a little taller since the Sixties, so we’re looking at the packaging with the design too, ensuring that the driver and passenger have enough room in the cabin and ample luggage space in the car.“


GTO Engineering’s team has chosen to maintain the tried and tested steel tubular chassis set up while adding lightweight aluminium subframes to bolster its strength even further. Its development chassis, nicknamed ‘muletto’ is the formation of the packaging and design layout for the Moderna-codenamed project.

It sits in the firm’s UK HQ and is used as a layout buck to ensure the packaging and size of the new vehicle is optimised for weight distribution as well as driver and passenger ergonomics and storage.

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