Puritalia Automobili Brings 965bhp Berlinetta To Salon Privé

Puritalia Berlinetta
Puritalia Berlinetta

Puritalia Automobili will announce two new official dealerships for the United Kingdom and Australia plus the company will showcase its latest hyper-fast 965 hp super-hybrid Berlinetta on the lawns of Blenheim Palace at this year’s Salon Privé.

The Naples based company are ‘passionate petrolheads’ striving to redesign the future of the supercars; embracing automotive history and new technology.

The end product is an exclusive and ostentatious sports car designed from a unique fusion of distinctive Italian design and quality which is uncompromised.

Launched in Geneva at the 89th International Motor Show, the 208mph plug-in hybrid is a lightweight stallion that will get the outlandish pilot from 0 to 60 in 2.7 seconds, but will cost the affluent purist around $625,000 although that figure would most likely increase quickly with customisations.

Whilst at this year’s Salon Privé, the company will announce two new official dealerships for the UK and Australia which Puritalia Automobili has appointed for the exclusive distribution of a dedicated right-hand version of their Fuoriserie (custom), the Berlinetta, in their related regions.

Puritalia Berlinetta
Puritalia Berlinetta

Together with their new UK Dealer in London, Puritalia Automobili has arranged a very exclusive and private event for selected customers after Salon Privé to give them the opportunity to see and test drive the Berlinetta on the winding and not so level English roads.

CEO & Founder, Paolo Parente:
“We are thrilled to present our Berlinetta for the first time in the UK at this year’s Salon Privé. The ambience and atmosphere are what makes Salon Privé such a unique boutique event and I believe it is just perfect to present our Fuoriserie to the most demanding car enthusiasts and collectors in the UK. The Berlinetta is not for everyone, but only for true connoisseurs that appreciate artisanal cars in every detail. The huge interest we have received from the UK proves how much the British motor culture still appreciates traditional skills and craftsmanship where Italians cars, just like the British ones, are second to none.”

Puritalia Berlinetta at a glance:

  • The Italian “SuperHybrid”: the most powerful Italian hybrid supercar.
  • Proprietary hybrid powertrain that offers the best of both worlds.
  • Front-mounted V8 combustion engine + rear parallel mounted advanced axial flux electric motor.
  • Combined power: 965 hp / 1,248 Nm torque.
  • Hybrid carbon-fibre / aluminum chassis: carbon-fibre central tub with aluminum sub-frames and suspension plates fully CNC machined from a single aeronautical aluminum billet.
  • Pre-preg carbon-fibre body panels and interiors with a carbon-fibre exposed finish.
  • Proprietary patented technology Puritalia Purhydrive© for smart management of the electric power through auto-learning of driving style and cloud-based AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.
  • Puritalia eMozione© to increase the torque provided by the electric motor to additional 370 Nm on-demand.
  • Puritalia Digital-DNA© – fully connected vehicle control system to manage the entire car through the interior touch-screen, vocal controls, and remotely by smartphone.
  • Puritalia Orchestra© – quad titanium exhaust system with smart electronic modulation and active side pipes.
  • Exclusive buying experience reserved for a select elite of car enthusiasts and collectors (Puritalia Ambassadors).
  • Puritalia Sartoria© program providing a personal design team to assist each customer during the specification and building process of their car with the highest degree of customization and direct contact with the Design Team.

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David Bagley, Co-Founder & Sales Director Salon Privé: “The concept of classic styling with modern technology is not new in itself, but the Puritalia Berlinetta really is something different. Hand-crafted and beautifully designed, it engages the owner at every stage of its build to create not only a truly unique experience but also a stunning, high performance GT car at the end of it and with only 150 scheduled to be built, it will be a very rare sight indeed.