R-type 20/60 Joins 8 More Of Vauxhall’s Heritage Collection For Sale

Vauxhall Heritage Collection - Big Six BXL limousine
Big Six BXL limousine

Nine of Vauxhall’s automotive stalwarts will be offered for sale on April 27, 2021, including the R-type 20/60 which was the first car to be manufactured after the company was purchased by General Motors.

The sale covers 85 years of the Luton company’s rich history and is needed to down-size as the company relocates from the company’s Griffin House site to create an all-new public-facing Heritage Centre in the future.

The full classic assemblage will be given a new and temporary interim residence at the company’s Ellesmere Port factory, where a converted 8,000 square-meter building has been set aside for the 60-strong collection, which represents every decade of Vauxhall’s 117-year history.

Vauxhall Heritage Collection

Included in the sale is a 1929 R-type 20/60, which became the staple of the Vauxhall range until 1930 and marked a departure from many of Luton’s engineering norms with the adoption of a central gearshift, single-plate clutch and 12-volt electrics. KSK 247 has been owned by Vauxhall for many years, and while complete and in good condition, will need some light recommissioning.

Vauxhall Heritage Collection - R-type 20-60
Vauxhall Heritage Collection – R-type 20-60

Joining the R-type from the pre-war years is a Big Six BXL limousine from 1937, which has room for seven and is bodied by Grosvenor and was the luxury transport for VIP’s and other significant dignitaries in the company. The inline six-cylinder engine providing a level of refinement matching more expensive models from Rolls-Royce or Daimler, but at a fraction of their prices.

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Vauxhall Heritage Collection - Wyvern
Vauxhall Heritage Collection – Wyvern

Another popular classic is 1953 E-type Wyvern – Vauxhall’s first all-new post-war design – with gleaming black coachwork, and chrome adornments revealing its Chevrolet influence, is a rare survivor today.

For the purist and classic simpleton always looking to fix and fettle themselves, there’s a delightful pristine Viva HA Deluxe from 1966, the first year of its production. An underrated model for many years – and now quite rare, especially in this condition – the market is starting to warm to what is arguably the best of the Viva series, with its Coke-bottle styling, independent front suspension, front disc brakes and rack and pinion steering.

Vauxhall Heritage Collection - Viva HB
Vauxhall Heritage Collection – Viva HA

Finishing off the twentieth-century offerings are two cars from opposite ends of Vauxhall’s ranges. A highly usable, immaculate and original Nova 1.2 from 1990, which has been associated with Vauxhall Motors from new and is presented in Merit specification, complete with a five-speed transmission and a genuine sub-10,000 mileage. And a perfect counterpoint to the Nova is a late first-series Omega V6 in top Elite trim, once again in excellent and original condition.

Roger Nowell, Manor Park’s Managing Director:
“This is likely to be the final opportunity to purchase any vehicles from one of the UK’s best-known manufacturer collections. As interim custodians of the entire collection, which is now based at Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant just 20 minutes away from our premises, Manor Park Classics was seen as the perfect partner to look after the sale of the vehicles. And while we already have many stand-out cars consigned for our first sale, on April 27th, the Vauxhalls are bound to command huge interest, due to their provenance, condition and originality.”

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