Radford’s Glorious Type 62-2 John Player Special Is A Crowd Pleaser

Lotus Type 62-2 John Player Special
Lotus Type 62-2 John Player Special

Radford’s glorious John Player Special (JPS) global public debut at Goodwood Revival over the weekend and the crowd loved it…

The Lotus Type 62-2 coachbuilt by Radford (The Type 62-2) launched earlier this month, will be strictly limited to only 62 examples worldwide, with each model built to the owner’s desired specification.

Of those 62 cars, only 12 will be JPS liveried cars, 12 were selected, as it is synonymous with legendary racing driver Ayrton Senna whose JPS liveried cars always wore the number 12 on their coachwork. Radford is currently taking build slot applications for this ultra-exclusive model.

Lotus Type 62-2 John Player Special
Lotus Type 62-2 John Player Special

Coachbuilt by Radford and backed by designer Mark Stubbs, broadcaster and motoring specialist Ant Anstead, FIA F1 World Champion Jenson Button, and leading business adviser and lawyer Roger Behle, the Type 62-2 JPS car is set to make its first official public debut next week at the popular Goodwood Revival and is described as being ‘the most extreme version of the world’s first modern Radford’.

Type 62-2 John Player Special

The JPS Type 62-2 has several key enhancements over the Classic and Gold Leaf cars; namely the JPS is lighter, faster, and more focussed than the Gold Leaf car – and is closer to a race car than a road car.

There’s no shortage of grunt either, thanks to upgraded pistons, con-rods, camshafts, calibration, and a larger, upgraded supercharger, it also produces 600bhp from a 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine.

Ant Anstead:
“We couldn’t have anticipated quite how strong the demand for the Type 62-2 was going to be. Prospective owners of these cars will be getting a truly special car – no two will be the same, which is really the true meaning of coachbuilding – it’s why we’re here. We’re still taking deposits and will be starting the process of carefully selecting Type 62-2 owners, later in the year.”

The JPS Type 62-2 was joined on the Radford stage by three other special Radford coachbuilt cars including a 1965 Mini de Ville “S”, formerly owned by Sir Paul McCartney, a 1966 Mini Cooper S, formerly owned by Ringo Starr, and a 1966 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage Shooting Brake.

Type 62-2 John Player Special

The car displayed at Revival showcases more visual drama with a more pronounced splitter, larger air intakes, and more aggressive front and rear diffusers than any of the other Type 62-2 variants. Powering this particular JPS Type 62-2 is a 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine option, producing 600bhp, which features upgraded pistons, con-rods, camshafts, calibration, and a larger supercharger.

Production of the Radford Type 62-2 begins in late 2021, with the first deliveries being made in 2022.

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