Rare Scrappage Scheme Survivor Miracle Maestro Has 24K Recorded

A real time warp car with 24,000 miles recorded

My first classic apprehension – What to put in my initial Classic Car Curation guest blogging article?

The first should always occupy a distinguished place in ones heart, so a mention of this special car is required!

But what? A Ferrari Enzo perhaps, but not on this occasion. That dazzling Bugatti Chiron? Well, maybe next time. No, this article is dedicated to something just as special in my eyes – a 1986 Austin Maestro 1.3L.


I have always felt affection and love for the popular Metro, Maestro and Montego range, though I’m not sure why. My childhood is the most likely culprit, with the Austin badged cars being so prevalent and therefore making them seem so special to me at the time. They were of course the last cars to wear that glorious Austin badge with pride.

A real time warp car with 24,000 miles recorded

Big Boys

Austin 7 was the starting point for the big boys; Jaguar, BMW, and Nissan (Datsun) to name a few and really set the benchmark for the ‘Peoples Car’. All of that before we get to the word Mini!

I also adored the editions that were available, such as the extremely plush Vanden Plas, providing appreciative owners with luxury and comfort to rival that legendary giant, Rolls-Royce. MG and Tickford delivered that much sought after high octane performance (even today) turbo versions. Even Aston-Martin put their name to the Metro, whilst in Motorsport the Metro 6r4 is still worshipped as a cult icon.


To substantiate my affection for the range, this particular article is dedicated to D346 YGX. A rare survivor of the now controversial scrappage scheme. This relatively base spec Maestro sported the trusty 1.3 A Series engine, with single carb and 4 speed transmission. Her condition is both incredible and preposterous, a real time warp car with 24,000 miles recorded on the nostalgic 80’s dashboard.

A real time warp car with 24,000 miles recorded

An example of my enjoyment towards this car can be explained by driving it to work, where this innovative little blue Maestro sits comfortably next to XJRs, GTIs, GTRs, and even the odd Ferrari.

A real time warp car with 24,000 miles recorded

Guest classic blogger Henry Fryer is a self confessed petrolhead, with a passion for classic cars.

Have you have a similar devotion to the classic fraternity, with stories to tell of those intriguing encounters when owning, restoring, showing or just generally involved in?

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  1. Well Well Well, thats my old Maestro !

    I bought it from a Scrap dealer who was doing a house clearance and he found it in the garage and did not have the heart to scrap it.

    It had been stored in a Garage for 10 years before I bought it with only 14k on the clock. I re commissioned it and clocked up over 7k on it in the year I had it driving it everywere in all weathers inc a 50 mile round trip to work and back nearly every day.

    Faultless car and regret selling it.

    All the Best Mark Jones

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