Rare Vector W8 Twin Turbo Supercar To Be Offered For Sale

Vector W8 Twin Turbo
Vector W8 Twin Turbo

An incredibly rare and ‘one of only 17 produced’ Vector W8 Twin Turbo with only 2,268 miles from new will be offered from a private collection at a forthcoming sale in Arizona 16 – 17 January 2020.

Tenacious design and aspirations to match outlandish supercar manufacturing giants, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche, Gerald Wiegart joined a select group along with Preston Tucker, John DeLorean, Malcolm Bricklin and the illustrious Elon Musk to prove the futuristic automotive industry could be tackled head-on.

Experienced in all three major companies, automotive veteran Wiegart established Wilmington, California’s Vector in a bid to prove the doubters wrong, which he did in unapologetic style.


Dubbed the W2, the prototype came first and was subsequently given a green light into full production by Wiegart – the W8 Twin Turbo was born. No corners were cut in the W8’s design, as it would be a supercar constructed using the most advanced technologies and cutting-edge materials. Aerospace-grade components were used to build the 6.0-litre V-8, and the body incorporated carbon fibre, Kevlar, and fibreglass for structural rigidity.

Personifying the ultimate RADwood ride, a promiscuous Vector W8 could munch a quarter-mile in around 12 seconds at 124mph, leaving its Italian counterpart, the Ferrari Testarossa a full two seconds in the distance. It was claimed at the time this powerful beast would reach a top speed of 242 miles per hour if ever required.

Documented financial problems eventually led to the ultimate closure of Vector, with a frugal two W8 prototypes being produced and an additional 17 customer cars. Nevertheless, Wiegart had achieved his goal of shocking the automobile industry with a car that packed previously unseen performance and styling and was built in America.

RM Sotheby’s report that serial number 009 was ordered in 1989 by the original owner at a cost of $178,000, which was agreed and the W8 to be completed the following year. A 1990 VIN was allocated to the car according to the original sales agreements and MSO. However, the Vector was not completed until late 1991, and as such it was given an updated VIN reflecting the 1991 model year, leading to a change in the 10th digit of the VIN.

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Vector W8 Twin Turbo
Vector W8 Twin Turbo

Vector W8 Twin Turbo

The amazing 1991 Vector W8 Twin Turbo is a single-owner example and has covered only 2,268 miles since new. The interior is reminiscent of an aeroplane cockpit, with a digital computer screen and numerous instruments highlighted by an Airpath compass and Hobbs hours counter.

Features include Recaro Classic seats, digital climate control, and a Sony stereo with cassette and 10-disc CD paired to a/d/s speakers. This Vector features a removable moonroof and is accompanied with a rare case to protect it when stored.

This W8 even retains its original Plexiglas license plate cover that keeps the body line of the rear of the car. The Vector is accompanied by its tool pouch, correspondence between Weigart and the original owner, purchase agreement, invoice, copy of manufacturer’s statement of origin, period literature, and a Vector Automotive presentation VHS.

### Sold For $720,000 ###

More information on the Arizona Sale can be found via this link.

Images courtesy RM Sotheby’s.

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