Rare Works Jaguar D-Type ‘OKV 2’ Is Back Up For Sale

Works Jaguar D-Type OKV 2

Take a deep breath… the legendary Works Jaguar D-Type, ‘OKV 2’ is back on the market and the third of five factory competition examples built in 1954 is causing quite a stir…

Chassis number XKD 403 was originally up for sale two years ago with a jaw-dropping estimate of $12,000,000 – $15,000,000 making the ex-Moss 1954 Le Mans D-Type the most expensive big cat ever sold. Unfortunately, the sale failed to materialise and the car has surfaced once again at MM Garage.

Jaguar’s D-Type was designed following the success of the C-Type which won Le Mans twice in three years and was one of the first cars to feature monocoque construction and all-wheel disc brakes – the car eventually went on to win Le Mans three consecutive years between 1955 and 1957.

Works Jaguar D-Type OKV 2

Works Jaguar D-Type OKV 2

Beginning its Le Mans career as the leading car for the works entries in 54′ it was finally completed on June 3 and was dressed in the usual British Racing Green as it went into battle under the control of Jaguar drivers Stirling Moss and Peter Walker. Fast forward 92 laps and XKD 403 began to splutter and lost its brakes with Moss terminating the race as he drifted into the next available pit-lane.

Following its outing at the 12 Hours of Reims where Moss and Walker failed to finish once again, the car was utilised as the factory’s development ‘workhorse’ car for the 1955 Le Mans with Norman Dewis nominated as the test driver where it played a pivotal role in Jaguar’s success over the next several years.

In 1955, the car was modified with a longer nose and uprated engine for Le Mans but never made the outing, continuing as a factory car in several contests, finishing 3rd at Silverstone in May with team driver Tony Rolt at the wheel. Dewis drove the car at the Brighton Speed Trials after which it was utilized as the factory’s test car for Le Mans drivers that year. At the testing, OKV 2 was driven by some big hitters including Jimmy Stewart, Mike Hawthorn, and Ninian Sanderson, amongst others.

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Norman Dewis:
“This car is one of the best examples of the works ‘D’ types.”

Works Jaguar D-Type OKV 2

XKD 403 is, without doubt, one of the best and most actively raced D-Types of them all, with over 55 races in the fifties alone under its belt including 24 podium finishes, of which five were overall victories.

The D-Type development workhorse is responsible for Jaguar’s active success and has been driven by at least 16 of the most legendary drivers including Stirling Moss, Peter Walker, Mike Hawthorn, Norman Dewis, Duncan Hamilton, Bob Berry, Jimmy Stewart, Peter Blond, Ivor Bueb, Ron Flockhart, Peter Whitehead, Ken Wharton, Jack Fairman, Desmond Titterington, Don Beauman and Ninian Sanderson.

Works Jaguar D-Type OKV 2

A successful racing career ensued throughout 1957 and 1958 and then the D-Type was sold to the US in 1960, then again travelling to Canada, then returned to the UK for a rebuild by Jaguar experts, Lynx Engineering.

This extraordinary D-Type is an amazing slice of Jaguar’s competition history but could break the bank…

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