Ravishing Bugatti Type 50 Heads To Villa Erba Sale

Bugatti Type 50
Bugatti Type 50 © RM Sotheby's

An incredible 1931 Bugatti Type 50 Roadster will go under the auctioneer’s gavel at Villa Erba, Cernobbio (Como), Italy 2019.

Produced from 1931 – 1934, a grand total of 65 of these glorious beasts were built, with three given Le Mans 24 Hour race status.

Bugatti’s Type 50 was driven from its younger sibling, the opulent and now highly desirable Type 46, but also came with a price tag that only the most affluent of society could afford. The lucky buyer could expect to fork out twice as much than the Type 46 but would receive upgrades such as a twin-cam engine, 4.9 litres of thump and a Roots-type supercharger that could serve up over 200bhp.

Bugatti Type 50
Bugatti Type 50 © RM Sotheby’s

Staggering performance figures were exposed with a 0-60 speed being achieved in sub-eight seconds and then a subsequent eye-watering 100mph in around 22 seconds respectively. Quite remarkable given the period in which these cars were produced.

This particular Bugatti Type 50 (50123) has been fitted with roadster coachwork designed at the Molsheim factory, making it only one of four to sport the Bugatti’s roadster coachwork and remains one of just two surviving examples.

Power, luxury and provenance make this classic Bugatti a rare beast which will no doubt be reflected in the asking and bidding price.

Further information on this sale can be obtained via this link.

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