Renault 5 Prototype Announced As Part Of ‘Renaulution’ EV Plan

Renault 5 Prototype

Renault has finally confirmed the company will launch a new Renault 5 EV hatchback as part of its business turnaround strategy announced earlier in the week.

The cash-strapped French automaker unveiled its innovative ‘Renaulution’ programme set to include the launch of 14 core vehicles by 2025 – 7 will be full-electric and 7 will be in the C/D segment.

Whilst there’s a hint of Citroen around it’s curves, the new Renault 5 Prototype is said to take much of its inspiration from the early Clio and classic 5.

Lighting, detail and classic styling will play an important part in the company’s strategy which will include all new models having an electric or hybrid version.

The bonnet air intake disguises the charging hatch, rear lights include aero flaps, and the fog lamps in the bumper are stealth daytime running lights. And, just for the purist, there’s even a nod to the original ‘5’ on the side grid, the wheels and the rear logo.

Renault 5 Prototype Gallery

The ‘French charm’ theme has been continued with a subtle hint of mischief and character that pulls on the ‘Nicole’ heartstrings. The front and rear logos light up, bringing the car ‘to life’. Conceited as ever, there’s even a French flag in the rear-view mirror to emphasise the ‘made in France’ element of the vehicle, the headrest lights and the name displayed on the small transparent screen on the dashboard all point in a more tech direction.

Luca de Meo, CEO Groupe Renault
At Renault, we embrace the waves of disruption and create our own ‘Nouvelle Vague’. It’s about bringing modernity to the automotive industry. We’ll move to an energy brand, strengthening our EV leadership with the Electro Pole project and investing in Hydrogen, aiming at achieving the greenest mix in Europe by 2025. We’ll also be a tech brand, through in-house innovation and through the Software République, an open ecosystem dedicated to the development of European expertise in key fields such as data or cybersecurity.

This will give us a competitive edge as a service brand, with high-tech connected services, onboard & offboard. And this vision of modernity, we anchor it in France. Because as a brand, we know our soul and our strength lie in our origins.

The new R5 is the Nouvelle Vague: it’s strongly connected to its history, and yet it’s the future, making electric cars popular.

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