Renault Celebrate 60 Years Of The Iconic 4 With Concept Restomod

Renault 4 Concept - SUITE N°4

Renault has been celebrating the 60th anniversary of its lovable Renault 4 with designer Mathieu Lehanneur by creating a concept car named ‘SUITE N°4’…

In case you didn’t know already, La Renault 4 is 60 this year and back in the day hit sales in excess of eight million units across more than 100 countries with a cult following that seems to grow year on year.

From concept to creation, La Renault 4 was the notion of the president of the Régie Nationale des Usines Renault, Pierre Dreyfus, who in 1956 decided it was time for a ‘blue jeans’ car. The rest, as they say, is history with just about everyone from trendy Parisians to busy restaurateurs finding space for one in their busy lives.

Renault 4 Concept - SUITE N°4

The brand has been celebrating the iconic 4’s anniversary all year with different initiatives including global social media campaigns, posting a variety of content each month and international media were given the opportunity to take a ride in different historic Renault 4L models, some of which have been retrofitted with a 100% electric powertrain.

Mathieu Lehanneur – Concept

As celebrations continue, other surprises are in store for the rest of the year with a second initiative in the programme for this year – the new collaboration between Renault and French designer Mathieu Lehanneur. Design and innovation in mobility have always been key values within the Renault brand and for Mathieu Lehanneur, which is why this collaboration was a natural step for both.

Renault 4 Concept - SUITE N°4

Arnaud Belloni, Renault Brand Global Marketing Director:
“The collaboration with Mathieu Lehanneur was a natural fit. We asked him to come up with a concept car showcasing his vision for the 4L. The finished product was extraordinary. A car that really encapsulates everything the brand has set out to achieve through the Renaulution strategic plan: create modern and innovative cars that provoke emotions.”

Renault’s Colour and Trim Design team and Mathieu Lehanneur worked together to come up with SUITE N°4, a concept car that represents the designer’s dream motoring experience, a Renault à vivre both inside and out.

SUITE N°4 retains the same exterior dimensions and lines as the iconic model but comes with a twist. The rear section and the hatch have been replaced with polycarbonate windows that provide lighting on a par with that of an artist’s studio. The transparent solar panels that sit on the roof let light through while helping to charge the battery of the car, which has been retrofitted and is now fully electric.

While the front makes use of the same iconic lighting and silhouette as the original, the dubious front grille has been given a ‘polished aluminium’ look to give the car a fluid, dynamic appearance… really? The body of the car is also coated with three layers of paint to make it look like cement of all things – that material synonymous with modern architecture.

Renault 4

Mathieu Lehanneur:
“SUITE N°4 opens the door to a new kind of mobility that strives to make people live experiences. I wanted to merge the worlds of cars and architecture to create an open-air hotel room. Even better than the finest palatial suite, the car is exactly where you want it to be, whether that’s by the sea, in the middle of a field or driving around the city you’ve always dreamed of.”

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