Restored SEAT 1400 Returns To Monte-Carlo Rally 65 Years Later

SEAT 1400
SEAT 1400 returns to the Monte-Carlo Rally after it competed some 65 years previously

A fully restored SEAT 1400 has returned to the Monte-Carlo Rally after it competed some 65 years previously with former Spanish rally champion Josep María ‘Mía’ Bardolet as the pilot next to expert Eloi Alsina as co-driver.

The SEAT Históricos team made a welcome return to the Monte-Carlo Rally, an event of world prestige and also of great significance in the history of the marque. 1955 saw the illustrious SEAT 1400, which was the brands first model and also its first race car, navigate its way around the arduous course with precision and skill.

An amazing 65 years later, the exact same 1400 will compete in Monte-Carlo, this time in the historical version of the event, with former Spanish rally champion Josep María ‘Mía’ Bardolet at the wheel.

Carefully Prepared SEAT 1400

The vehicle has been carefully prepared by SEAT Históricos and is the 1400 B from 1957, which delivers a frugal but respectable 88 horsepower. The elegant Spaniard retains its light grey overcoat which compliments the standard trims and other period features that have been carefully restored. Long-range fog and driving lights have been given centre stage for the demanding Monte-Carlo Rally, in which many sections are held during the hours of darkness.

Restored by SEAT Historical specialists, the classic 1400 has a reinforced chassis for use on more difficult terrain and the interior has been upgraded with the necessary safety equipment, with careful consideration given to ‘retro’ seating, dashboard and clocks.

This is not the only car registered by SEAT Historicos in the Historic Monte-Carlo Rally 2020, with a SEAT 127 also included in the list of more than 300 vehicles, shared by journalists Iván Vicario and Jesús Bonilla; and a SEAT 1430, which will also be piloted by the journalist Enrique Trillo with the co-pilot expert Carles Jiménez.

SEAT 1400
SEAT 1400

Head of SEAT Históricos, Isidre López explained:
“At SEAT Históricos we take great care of our history. It is a pride for SEAT to be present at such an event, and to show the public of a race like this that SEAT returns to compete with the same cars so many years later in these same sections, now measuring and sharing the road with more than 300 cars from different eras.”

The Historic Monte-Carlo Rally will be held January 31 – February 5 2020.

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