REVS Pilgrim Tour Welcomes Classic Christian Enthusiasts

REVS Pilgrim Tour
REVS Pilgrim Tour

Christian enthusiasts can join the REVS Pilgrim Tour on the stunning roads of North Wales in a bid to conquer some of the early Christian Pilgrim routes this September.

The REVS Pilgrim Tour was devised by motoring enthusiast and car designer-turned-reverend Adam Gompertz, who was inspired by the travels of early Christian Pilgrims and decided owners of classic cars would learn something of value and reflect whilst on an enjoyable weekend of driving their cherished cars through the sublime countryside of North Wales.

Adam explained:
“Whether we profess a faith or not, we can all find value in taking time out to meet fellows and journey together. By enjoying the opportunity for reflection, the aim is to allow us all to find something significant and special in the experience.

“Whether you are looking for some peace, some focus, a new perspective on life, or even something of God, the chance to get away and travel with others is something that has been enjoyed by people for hundreds of years. And what better way to do it than in the cars we love?”

Adam Gompertz
Adam Gompertz

REVS Pilgrim Tour Route

The event is open to interesting cars of all marques, be they classic, modern classic or just collectable, the tour’s route has been designed by John Kiff. Originally from North Wales, John has many years’ experience competing in and designing routes for historic rallies. Not a competitive activity, the REVS Tour is a motoring tour with some gently challenging sections.

Following the ancient pilgrim trail from Hollywell to Bardsey as closely as possible by car, the tour will take in the physical beauty of North Wales with its vales, mountains and coastline as well visiting a number of the interesting ancient sites along the Pilgrimage Trail.

Starting in Holywell on Saturday morning the drivers will journey across Flintshire and Denbighshire to a pub lunch in the Conway Valley. Refuelled, they then skirt the edge of the Snowdonia National Park to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is the glorious Llyn peninsula.

Unlike the early pilgrims of centuries past, the tour won’t cross Bardsey Sound, but drivers will have time to look across to the island and enjoy a ‘Lands End’ feeling when admiring the panorama of Snowdonia. The drive then continues along the south coast of the peninsula to Porthmadog, where the event dinner and a night’s rest await.

Sunday begins by driving eastwards through Snowdonia and then along the beautiful Dee Valley to the end of the event in Llangollen, once again stopping at a number of historic sites along the way. Arriving in Llangollen around lunchtime, entrants will share a final meal together before the tour comes to an end.

Event Costs

The entry fee for the two-day event is £150, which does NOT include your accommodation. However, rooms can be reserved at The Royal Sportsman Hotel, Porthmadog, where a number have been held for the REVS Pilgrim Tour.

Skilled Artwork

Adam has already gained success from his highly skilled artwork gaining inspiration from great artists such as Gordon Crosby (the original Autocar artist), Bob Freeman (whose work graced the pages of Car magazine and Supercar Classics back in the 70s and 80s) and latterly the work of Stefan Marjoram.

For more details contact Adam Gompertz via this link.

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