Russell Loyd’s Remarkable MK2 Escort Heads To NEC Classic

Russell Loyd's Ford Escort MK2
Russell Loyd's Ford Escort MK2 will be on show at the NEC Classic Motor Show

Ford devotees attending this year’s forthcoming NEC Classic, can witness Russell Lord’s incredible MK2 Escort which is now complete.

Russell Lord is a master craftsman and diamond mounter of 45 years and counting. His passion for detail and perfection visible in everything he embraces, from jewellery to his guilty pleasure of classic cars.

Russell Loyd - Ford Escort

Individuality, perfection and detail are all words synonymous with the Essex based jeweller.

What becomes abundantly clear, is the above qualities are all present in the miniature jewelled replica Russell Lord has created – A Ford Escort MK2 rally classic, as driven by Ari Vatanen.

Russell Loyd - Ford Escort
Russell Loyd’s Ford Escort – Silver engine and bay

25 Years Ago

His labour of love started some 25 years ago, but was then boxed up and only given a second chance after his friend Bob said ‘what’s that in there?’ To which Lord replied, ‘Yes its a silver car I started years ago’.

Challenged and inspired by his associate, Lord decided he had to finish the inspirational miniature. The craftsman then embarked on an epic journey, which involved over a 1000 hours of precision and patience.

Russell Loyd - Ford Escort MK2
Russell Loyd’s Ford Escort MK2 – Gold brake calipers and discs

Exquisite Refinement

The end product is an exquisite refinement of a classic. Lilliputian in stature and beauty without compromise, the retro genesis stimulates the beholder into an almost hypnotic state.

Created predominantly in Silver, including body-shell, seats, floor pan and axle. The wheels, discs, calipers, carburettors, bonnet hinge pins and spoiler are of Gold construction.

Expensive lighting arrives in the form of ’70’ point diamonds each, with indicators adding to the bejewelled masterpiece in orange Sapphire and rear clusters boasting red Ruby’s.

Russell has even paid tribute by creating track control arms, steering box, track-rod-ends and the all important anti-roll-bar.

Suspension involves coil springs that even work in synergy with other integral components.

Russell Loyd's Ford Escort MK2
Russell Loyd’s Ford Escort MK2 – Silver exhaust system

Modesty And Pride

Shining like a beacon is a man not only with modesty and pride, but also a craftsman who ‘cares’ for those who enjoy and respect the labyrinthine and often tortuous roller-coaster of emotion, this remarkable creation has taken him on.

Mr Lord said of his exceptional achievement:
“However the money comes in, all I want is for the money to go to various charities.

“Iv’e had my life, there are kids out there who don’t even get off the line”.

We will be at the NEC to witness Russell’s impressive miniature, and will of course publish some detailed pictures of the event.

For those wishing to view the floor-plan, you can do so here.

Russell Lord is in Hall 2, at Stand number: 784.

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  1. Attention to detail just doesn’t cover that. What an absolute master piece.I’ll be making a point of seeing that on the 10th.

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