Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars Makes Welcome Return

Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars
Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars will make a welcome return to Quest in the New Year

Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars will make a welcome return to Quest in the New Year.

Dynamic duo, Drew Pritchard and Paul Cowland hit the road once again in a bid to locate some of the UK’s hidden and most desirable classics. Their mission to salvage, restore and then hopefully make a profit on the vintage discovery’s.

Returning exclusively to Quest in the New Year, salvage extraordinaire Drew Pritchard will don his Harris Tweed Salvager Cap to present an exciting brand new series of Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars.

Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars
Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars will make a welcome return to Quest in the New Year

An expert in buying and selling antiques, Drew is once again partnered by experienced car dealer and presenter Paul Cowland, as they scour the length and breadth of the UK to find some of motoring’s hidden gems and classic vehicles.

Experts & Acumen

The combination of Drew’s expert eye and deal-making skills matched with Paul’s extensive mechanical knowledge and business acumen make them a formidable team, in what promises to be the most enthralling series yet! But while Paul and Drew share a passion for cars, when it comes to work, sparks can fly as their different approaches occasionally come to the fore.

Drew Pritchard
Drew’s expert eye and deal-making skills

With lofty ambitions for the new series, Drew uncovers a real gem in a Jaguar XJS. Fitted with an aftermarket body kit, Drew wants to strip the car back down to its bare bones, and return it to its original best, but Paul has reservations over the scale of the job.

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Elsewhere, Drew’s attention is drawn to a Ford Capri as he attempts to turn the tatty boy racer into looking like it’s just rolled out of the showroom.

Countering Drew’s passion however, is Paul’s drilled-in practicality; he’s market-savvy and can spot an opportunity, and whilst he takes risks, he isn’t afraid to walk away from a deal either.

But Drew and Paul’s expertise would count for nothing without the help of Drew’s army of artisans and restoration experts, who work tirelessly to bring these classic cars back to life.

Crack Team

From a specially commissioned wicker-effect paint pattern for an old Morris Minor, to restoring steering wheels for classic sportscars, there is nothing Drew’s crack team cannot fix or restore.

Paul Cowland
Paul Cowland checks a set of alloys out

There are some classic gems to be seen on the new show, which will included:

  • Jaguar XJS
  • Renault 4
  • Ford Capri
  • Lancia Delta Integrale
  • Morris Minor Traveller
  • Maserati Ghibli
  • MGC
  • BMW 635CSI
  • VW Type 3 Fastback
  • Rover P6


  1. BMW635. Stated on program that car had stood for 9 or 10 years. So how could you take it for a test drive, then drive it away, without an MOT. Obviously not got a current certificate judging by state of exhaust.

  2. we are selling the V w polo mark 2 and how much did you give 36,000 miles and excellent condition and excellent runner 07954831806 and 07951495645 today !

  3. Can we have this show without the “Cocky Know-All” Drew?? He may know about furniture but his major lack of knowledge of cars comes out bigtime in every episode!Let Paul present this on his own please

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