Salvage Hunters Classic Cars Is Back On Wednesday 6th January

salvage hunters classic cars 2021

Forget 2020 and tune in to the brand new series of Salvage Hunters Classic Cars on Wednesday, January 6th as the boys welcome two automotive legends into the workshop.

More classic smiles and frowns are brought to the party as Paul Cowland and ‘Harris Tweed Salvager Cap’ extraordinaire side-kick, Drew Pritchard continue on their mission to salvage, restore and then hopefully make a profit on some classic motors.

This time the dynamic duo hit the screens with 5 more episodes featuring some Swedish, French, British and Italian stallions as they scour the length and breadth of the UK…

Episode 1: Citroën DS / Lotus 7

When designers of the VGD, (Voiture à Grand Diffusion), imagined the future of the wonderful Citroën DS, they hadn’t factored in two disappointed guys looking for the rust-free version half a century later. The tired 1972 DS is past it’s best but visionary, Paul Cowland looks beyond the corrosion and even reckons there’s a decent classic to be had – with a little bit of hard work.

Salvage Hunters - Episode 1

On the other hand, the lightweight two-seated Lotus looks to be an easy ‘flip’ with a less is more approach from Paul – As ever, Drew hasn’t read the script and decides the open-top sports car needs a costly makeover.

Episode 2: Saab 96 / Ford Cortina GT

Drew and Paul meet Gloucestershire based collector Fredrik, who might have a German name but sources cars from all over Europe and also has a rare Saab 96 for sale. Swedish heaven for Paul as he submits his Scandanavian plans, only to be scuppered by a Welshman looking to throw in a two-tone paint scheme.

Salvage Hunters Classic Cars - Episode 2

Fast forward some 350 miles and the pair are in Scotland visiting a collection of classic Ford’s. They eventually leave the scene with what appears to be an immaculate looking Cortina GT which should yield a fairly straightforward profit. But when the engine suddenly goes pop, the boys need a new strategy and they turn to a family business that’s been associated with high-performance Fords since the 1950s.

Episode 3: MGA

Episode 3 sees a lonesome Mr Cowland trotting off to one of Britain’s busiest classic car auctions minus Drew, who now feels out of the loop, but soon raises half a smirk when he realises his partner in crime has managed to win a rather nice MGA for a bargain price. What follows is a spending spree and bespoke finishes for everything in sight, leaving the pair to count the costs and the reasons behind them.

Salvage Hunters - Episode 3

Episode 4: Lotus Elise / Ford Fiesta Supersport

The Lotus Elise is a mid-engined roadster that should be an enjoyable ride for the boys but the one they locate in Scotland is far from the ‘bobby basic’ they were banking on. Aftermarket accessories, go-faster stripes and spoilers all rack up the removal costs as the profit seems to evaporate quickly.

Episode 4

Fully recovered from the Lotus encounter, Drew’s jaw hits the floor when Paul suggest they fork out £11,000 for an old Fiesta. The Supersport Ford drives a wedge between the two and sparks a reality check from Drew.

Episode 5: Lancia Montecarlo / Citroën 2CV Van

Dreams are made of Italian styling and the Lancia Montecarlo oozes both in spades. Sadly, this particular tatty ‘dream machine’ won’t become the replica Pioneer 037 rally car a certain Mr Cowland hopes for as Drew stamps his size 5’s in a bid to restore the classic Lancia to its original factory condition. Not so easy as everything from bumpers to seat fabric are in shorter supply than Drew P’s hat range.

Episode 5

Simplicity is the strength of the lovable 2CV but following a test drive slower than expected, Drew decides he’d like the Lewis Hamilton version of the French egg transporter. Fun and games begin as the sourcing of a more powerful engine is left in the capable hands of the ‘expert’.

Remember Salvage Hunters Classic Cars is back on Quest TV on Wednesday 6th January at 21:00hrs.

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