Scotty’s Retro Workshop – Life Changing Restoration

Scotty's Retro Workshop
Scotty's Retro Workshop

A passionate man fuelled by emotion and dedication, Scotty’s Retro Workshop has a dream to change lives by allowing children and young adults the opportunity to develop new skills in a safe controlled classic environment.

Brian Scott, or ‘Scotty’ as many people to him by, set up his ‘Retro Workshop’ with a dream and primary objective to help children and young adults who have either struggled, or find it difficult to access the avenues necessary in which they could better themselves.

His firm belief is that the open arms of the Classic Car world could provide a genuine platform, transferring their skills, friendship and unity to encourage a diverse range of generations to interact in a fun extra curricular environment.

Scotty’s Retro Workshop
Scotty’s Retro Workshop

Scotty’s Backround

Its fair to say that Scotty has an eclectic lifestyle and a varied skill set, including a background that provides him with the much needed tools required for the enormous venture that lies ahead.

An intelligent, articulate man who sat on the board of one of the UK’s largest companies, decided the academic highway was not for him. Head-hunted and extremely employable, Scotty began his own company restoring houses and classic cars.

Indeed it’s those essential and practical skills he wishes to pass on to younger people. His solution was to build a workshop called ‘Scotty’s Retro Workshop’.

A suitable disused pond was located and Brian set about erecting his vision for the future. What followed were endless hours of hard labour, heartache and around 30K lighter for the privilege.

Speaking from his small HQ, a rather tired looking Scotty said:
“I am a little nervous speaking in front of a camera, but have made good progress so far.

“Mums and Dads expressing concern that Children no longer have the opportunity to learn practical skills.

“Children need practical skills and hopefully we can introduce something quite unlike anything else, involving getting the hands dirty, rather than simply joysticks and keyboards”.

Scotty's Retro Workshop
Scotty’s Retro Workshop

Success Stories

Following the FREE Practical Skills 4 Kids Workshop Days being launched, girls and boys of varied ages were not only being taught how to safely jack a vehicle up, but also how axle stands are an integral part of safety process when doing so.

Wheels removed, tyres checked, torque settings and of course hands dirty in the process! The first volunteer was apparently an eager young lady of 11 years, called Sophie.

Racing Champions James Bilsland and Lee Bezuidenhout were also on hand as the children began asking “when can we build a racing car?”.

Human Kindness

News of Scotty’s passion and belief travelled quickly, with his phone ringing and an almost complete stranger, by the name of David Jerram presented him with an almost unbelievable random act of Human Kindness.

Having only met David once previously, during his trawl around Europe attending Motoring Events such a LeMans, Silverstone and Brands Hatch, the remarkable MD of Digital Marketeers offered to gift the children with none other than a 1963 Austin Healey Sprite!

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Subsequent research reflects the classic is 1 of only 8 of that year still registered in the UK of which 3 are SORNED.

Scotty went on to say:
“Suddenly we have a near complete tick box. We have an Historic Car, 2 Racing Champions, a highly respected engine builder, the facilities to prepare the car (well some of them ) and an under 18 Pit Crew in Training. I say under 18 but I mean way under 18!

“I hope that in time we will be able to help both locally and in other communities by enabling funds to support other communities wishing to explore establishing similar opportunity in their community. We have a long way to go.”

Whilst Scotty’s drive, enthusiasm and selfless approach to this wonderful Social Enterprise shines like a beacon from the classic car world, he still needs support and valuable funding in which to continue this evolving and fantastic programme of practical education.

Brian has an admirable vision to help both locally and more outreached, enabling other communities to explore similar opportunities and ventures. Although the process is ongoing and extremely arduous, there are no doubts that Scotty’s Retro Workshop is an important and worthwhile initiative.

Help Scotty

You can help in many ways, but simply ‘Liking’ the Facebook Page is a social donation to us and helps demonstrate the strength of your support.

You can also follow Scotty’s Retro Workshop via Twitter here.

Learn more about Scotty’s Retro Workshop by visiting:


    • Thanks Gary…. we do…. these kids cannot believe what is happening …their confidence turn around / growth in a just a few hours is amazing … and thats a mum telling me that !!

  1. Excellent vision for bringing hands-on ability and confidence to children to take into adulthood with them. A great gift you are bestowing upon them and wrapping it up in a way in which they will learn by the best method – having fun.
    Well done and many thanks for taking this beyond just being a very good idea. Wishing you all the best with this venture.

  2. Best wishes to Scotty on his quest to bridge a gap the powers that be seem to have either ‘forgotten’ or care little about.

    Practical skills reach further than simply shallow words, with social interaction being the ultimate goal. Society improves when things of this type are backed. Good luck.


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